Lawn Aeration

Proper Lawn Aeration Any place there is heavy traffic on a lawn you run the risk of soil compaction. Compacted soil is never good for the lawn. These areas might be where the family plays cricket, where the laundry is hung or where the cars park. But, thankfully, it is easy to determine if you… […]

Installing and Laying Turf

Installing and Laying Turf Before installing your turf you want to make sure everything is good to go. Here are some tips on preparing the ground for laying turf. We also provide you with tips on watering and fertilising the newly laid turf as well. Going in the Right Direction Before you even begin you… […]

Providing Your Lawn the Right Nutrients

Nutrients For Your Lawn There is no better way to give your lawn the nutrients it needs than Sir Walter fertiliser. This premium fertiliser was designed especially for Sir Walter lawns but can be used on any type of grass. The Perfect Blend Sir Walter fertiliser has just the right blend of trace elements, potassium… […]

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