Lawn Varieties

Different Lawn Varieties There are many different climates and land areas and different lawn varieties to go with both. You can choose a number of cultivars and lawn varieties if you are starting fresh with a new lawn. Different Features Each lawn variety has its strong points. Some do well in the winter and some… […]

Does Sir Walter Grow in Shade?

Shade in Australia While much of Australia is sunny you may have areas of shade you want to place Sir Walter. It is a good grass for shady areas, especially if you follow a few tips. Some Light is Needed You do need some light so make sure the lawn gets some light even if… […]

Lawn Disease

Lawn Disease that Affects Your Lawn Knowing your area and the best lawn for that area can really go far in preventing lawn disease from striking. You want a lawn that not only looks good but is healthy too. Maintenance is the key and prevention is the foundation for a healthy lawn. Symptoms of Lawn… […]

Create and Maintain Your Lawn During Autumn

Autumn Care Autumn is one of the most important times of the year to create and maintain your lawn to ensure it is lush and beautiful. It is around this time that it starts raining more frequently, and depending upon where you live, it can potentially be more than expected. This has a positive effect… […]

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