Maintain Your Lawn

What You Need to Maintain Your Lawn Lawn maintenance requires some tools to help you take care of it the right way. You want to make sure you chose ones that work for your type of lawn. Here are some guidelines that can help. You Need a Lawn Mower There are all kinds of lawn… […]

Sir Walter Is Great for the Environment

Sir Walter Is Great for the Environment Did you know a good lawn helps the environment? We all enjoy a beautiful lawn. It is totally relaxing to sit and enjoy the beauty of a lush, green lawn. But it also helps the environment by producing the oxygen we need to breathe. It also soaks up… […]

The Attack of the Lawn Grubs

Lawn Grubs Nothing can be more discouraging than to see your lawn is under attack by lawn grubs. But there are things you can do that can treat the problem and eliminate the grubs. There are a variety of insects that come under the term of lawn grubs and some of them are army worms… […]

Putting Down New Turf

New Turf New turf isn’t difficult to put down as long as you remember some basics and do your prep work ahead of time. You need to be ready to go because once the turf is cut from the turf farm you need to get it laid as fast as possible. If not your roots… […]

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