Heatwave lawn care

Turf Tips: Heatwave lawn care With a heatwave sweeping through South East Queensland here are some timely heatwave lawn care tips for managing your lawn. The best defence is preparation Australia is often a land of extremes and the weather is no exception, heatwaves are a big part of this through the summer months. While […]

How to avoid a turftastrophe

Turf Tips: How to avoid a turftastrophe As we move from the cooler months to the warmer months it is very important to install your new lawn immediately and avoid a turftastrophe! From mild heat stress to the more serious problem we call pallet burn, leaving your turf on the pallet for too long can […]

Storms & Lawns

Turf Tips – Storms & Lawns – Storm season lawn care With storms lashing South East Queensland we are finally getting some much needed rain, but is it enough? A common question we get asked is if you still need to water your lawn after rain. The answer is yes, sometimes you do. With healthy […]

Organic lawn care

Turf Tips: Organic lawn care Whether you want an entirely organic lawn or just want to reduce the chemical input to your lawn, there are lots of great organic lawn care tips. This week we look at a few ways you can turn your lawn organic. Getting an organic lawn One of the first steps […]

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