New Paragraph Hang on to Your Backyard

Turf Tips: Hang on to Your Backyard We need to hang on to the classic Aussie backyard! Find out why our lawns mean so much for us, and how you can make your own yard a classic Australian backyard. The Aussie backyard is under attack! With houses getting bigger and blocks getting smaller the classic Australian […]

Your Lawn and Pets

Turf Tips: Your Lawn and Pets Turf Tips: Your Lawn and Pets Pets can wreak havoc on a lawn, so you need to know if yours can handle it. They not only go to the bathroom on the lawn, which can lead to things like urine burn, but they dig at it and tear it up. […]

Best lawnmower for your lawn

Turf Tips: Best lawnmower for your lawn Buying a lawnmower is the biggest cost outlay for lawn care and getting the best lawnmower for your lawn is vital. Here we will break down all the options out there, and help you work out which mower is best for your lawn. A selection of the best […]

5 summer weeds and how to control them

Turf Tips: 5 summer weeds and how to control them Summer weeds can be just as painful for lawn lovers as winter weeds. Here are 5 common summer weeds that are tormenting lawns across the region right now. You can get some quick tips on how to identify these summer weeds as well as how […]

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