Look out for lawn grubs

Turf Tips: Look out for lawn grubs Lawn grubs love the warm weather, and the recent heat has seen them out in force. Most active in South East Queensland from October till May but found year round, it’s important to stay especially vigilant any time the weather warms up. Signs of lawn grubs Patchy lawns […]

New turf problem areas

Turf Tips: New turf problem areas When you lay new turf its root system isn’t established yet so it relies on the water you put in. This turf tip highlights some new turf problem areas that sometimes get overlooked by new lawn owners. Dry edges and gaps The most common new turf problem area is the […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Turf Tips: New Year’s Resolution It’s New Year’s Resolution time, instead of making the same boring promises why not try some turf resolutions for 2019! New Year, New Turf For an easy New Year’s Resolution you can keep, why not finally get that new turf installed like you keep saying you should. The holidays are […]

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