Sir Walter Buffalo vs Sir Grange

Turf Tips: Sir Walter Buffalo vs Sir Grange Sir Walter buffalo vs Sir Grange is a question that has faced home owners for a long time. Both varieties have their strengths and weaknesses, so we are going to break it down for those struggling to decide which to buy. Sir Walter Buffalo Benefits Tough Aussie […]

TifTuf Maintenance Guide

Turf Tips: TifTuf Maintenance Guide Looking for some helpful TifTuf maintenance advice? Look no further! With a fine leaf blade and dense growth, TifTuf is ideal for a wide variety of applications, and perfect for Australian backyards. From this, here our new advice regarding TifTuf and maintenance to get the best results from this fantastic new lawn. Before installation […]

Best lawn sprinkler & irrigation system

Turf Tips: Best lawn sprinkler and irrigation system Today we are sharing the best lawn sprinkler and irrigation system we recommend to get the perfect lawn. Below we discuss what an irrigation system is and suggestions of different types of sprinklers and soaker hoses to water your grass. What is an Irrigation system? To ensure […]

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