3 Tips for fire pits

Turf Tips: 3 tips for fire pits Cool winter nights are great for fire pits, but fire and are your lawn are not the best of friends. Here are three quick tips to help you enjoy your fire pit this winter but avoid killing your lawn in the process. Fire Pit Selection For those lucky […]

Why should you immediately lay your turf?

Turf Tips: Why should you immediately lay your turf? With the unpredictable on and off heat we have seen a few people posting on social media about a problem that is often seen too late, but is easily avoided. This problem is what we call pallet burn, and the easiest way to avoid this problem […]

What to expect in winter

Turf Tips: What to expect in winter With the shorter winter days it is a great excuse to pull out that favourite jacket you never get to wear, but your lawn isn’t as appreciative of the change of climate. This week’s turf tip we look at what changes to your lawn heading into winter. More […]

Patch up for winter

Turf Tips: Patch up for winter With the growing season winding down, now is your last chance to patch up any holes in your lawn for heading into winter. Use this opportunity to get your lawn all even before the winter dormancy period. You don’t always need to dig! Some patches, especially dry patches from […]

What does NPK mean

Turf Tips: What does NPK mean NPK is an interesting collection of letters that play a very important role in the health of your lawn. These 3 little letters appear on all fertiliser bags and are big factors in helping your lawn get the nutrients it needs. This week’s turf tip helps decipher just what […]

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