New product alert – Colourguard PLUS

Turf Tip: New product alert – Colourguard PLUS This week’s turf tip we look at Lawn Solution Australia’s new product Colourguard PLUS and how it will keep your grass looking fantastic while waiting until spring to watch their lawn come back to life. Introducing Colourguard PLUS Colourguard PLUS is a 100% organic and non-toxic grass colourant which now […]

Dealing with shorter winter days

Turf Tips: Dealing with shorter winter days Thanks to a slight tilt on the earth’s axis not all days are created equal. And while shorter winter days are a great excuse to pull out that jacket you never get to wear, your lawn isn’t as appreciative of the change. How long are winter days The […]

New turf or new lawn

Turf Tip: New turf or new lawn Do you need turf or a lawn? Language can be a funny thing, two words can seem to mean the same thing, but sometimes they are more nuanced than they seem. What is turf? When it comes to grass you most often hear us call it turf. I […]

Fighting winter weeds

Turf Tips: Fighting winter weeds Fighting winter weeds is front of mind for many lawn lovers right now as winter weeds rise up. Your lawns winter dormancy gives winter weeds all the opportunity they need to thrive, here are 3 of the most common winter weeds and how to fight them. Wintergrass Winter grass grows […]

Winter lawn aeration

Turf Tips: Winter lawn aeration With less mowing thanks to your lawn being out of the growing season, now is the perfect time for a winter lawn aeration. Aeration is the process of breaking through the layer of thatch that has built up in your lawn to help deliver water and nutrients right to your […]

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