Top 5 spring lawn care tips

Turf Tips: Top 5 spring lawn care tips This week’s turf tip breaks down the top 5 spring lawn care tips. Follow as many of these tips as you can and you will have the best lawn in the street! #1 Spring lawn care tip: Update your lawn maintenance schedule The first spring lawn care […]

The right grass for your lawn

Turf Tips: The right grass for your lawn With so many options in the market place finding the right grass for your lawn can be difficult. Here is a quick guide to break down some of the simple benefits of our premium grass varieties. Sir Walter DNA Certified With over 60 million metres sold in […]

Low allergy lawn

Turf Tips: Low allergy lawn With warm weather not long around the corner, lots of customers are looking for the best type of low allergy turf. Families want a lawn they can enjoy without negative ramifications such as hay fever to rashes. We have the perfect solution. Grass and allergies It is suggested that two […]

The difference between Selective & Non-selective Herbicides

Turf Tip: The difference between Selective & Non-selective Herbicides Unsure what is the right product to use to treat unwanted winter weeds in your lawn? This week’s turf tip we look at what’s the difference between selective and non-selective herbicides and how they affect your lawn. Why it’s important This week we take a look […]

Turf Tips: Shade tolerant grass options

Shade tolerant grass options have been growing exponentially at Jimboomba Turf with the addition of 2 new varieties. This week’s turf tip looks at why shade tolerance is so important, and some of the strengths of our shade tolerant options. Why are shade tolerant grass options so important? With house blocks shrinking and houses getting […]

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