Spring Lawn Aeration

Turf Tips: Spring lawn Aeration It’s time to help your lawn breathe! Before the hottest weather starts spring is the perfect time for lawn aeration to give your lawn some extra access to oxygen and get it all prepared for summer. It’s time to help your lawn breathe! Over time the soil underneath your lawn […]

Buying turf in warm weather

Turf Tips: Buying turf in warm weather Buying turf in warm weather is perfect for a fast establishment of your new lawn. With heatwaves coming sweeping through our corner of the world in the next coming weeks, now it’s a great time to install turf. However, the heat can also cause some problems so here are […]

How to avoid a turftastrophe

Turf Tips: How to avoid a turftastrophe As we move from the cooler months to the warmer months it is very important to install your new lawn immediately and avoid a turftastrophe! From mild heat stress to the more serious problem we call pallet burn, leaving your turf on the pallet for too long can […]

Organic lawn care

Turf Tips: Organic lawn care Whether you want an entirely organic lawn or just want to reduce the chemical input to your lawn, there are lots of great organic lawn care tips. This week we look at a few ways you can turn your lawn organic. Getting an organic lawn One of the first steps […]

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