Dressing up your lawn

Dress up your lawn by top dressing

The growing season of spring and summer is the perfect time to give your lawn a new lease of life. This week’s turf tip is about top dressing your lawn and how this will encourage for a more healthy vibrant lawn giving the nutrients it needs. Topdressing your lawn for nutrients   Top dressing your […]

Three signs your lawn needs water

Three signs your lawn needs water

Forget the complex turf tips and advice. This weeks turf tip is three signs to look out for to be able to tell if your lawn needs water, especially during the dry season. Is your lawn looking yellow? If you are like me and you sometimes miss the early warning signs (or worse see them […]

Look out for lawn grubs

Look out for lawn grubs

Turf Tips: Lawn Grubs Lawn grubs love the warm weather, and the recent heat has seen them out in force. They are most active in South East Queensland from October until May, but found that they’ve been almost around nearly all year. This is why it’s important to stay especially vigilant as the weather warms […]

When is scalping your lawn okay

When is scalping your lawn okay?

Turf Tips: Dethatching- when is scalping your lawn okay? This weeks turf tip we look at dethatching and why springtime is the right time to scalp your lawn. This is a recommended annual maintenance tip for when lawn is dry and before the weather gets too hot. What is thatch? When many people think of […]

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