Sir Grange

A new possibility for a shaded lawn

Very shade tolerant

Fine dark green leaf

Very low maintenance

When you have a Sir Grange lawn, you will always have the finest lawn on the street.

Modern lawns have to deal with a lot of shade, we now have a new grass variety for these lawns.

Previously when it came to shade nothing beat Sir Walter DNA Certified the king of soft leaf buffalo’s. It’s broadleaf and hardy nature made it the perfect shade-tolerant grass, handling up to 70 percent shade. The one complaint some customers had was that they didn’t like the broadleaf look of Sir Walter and other buffalo grass.

Shade grass has a new name

This has all changed with the release of Sir Grange zoysia on the Australian market. Now you can have the shade tolerance of Sir Walter, with the fine leaf look customers love. Sir Grange only needs 2-3 hours of direct sun to survive, and as a slow-growing grass it requires up to 50% less mowing and 75% less fertiliser. It combines its ease of lawn care with drought tolerance making it the ultimate low maintenance luxury lawn.

The latest addition to the range of warm-season grasses on the market, Sir Grange is perfect for a variety of lawn areas including full sun, partial shade and heavy shade. A high-performance grass, this zoysia handles foot traffic with ease as especially seen on the golf courses around the world featuring Sir Grange, or Zeon zoysia as it is known outside Australia.

What makes Sir Grange zoysia special?

Once established, Sir Grange has an extensive root system with both high stolon frequency and vigorous rhizome growth, creating a thick and compact turf that recovers quickly from wear.  While Sir Walter is predominantly above ground, Sir Grange can rely on a far deeper network for gathering moisture and nutrients. And with both stolons and rhizomes it is better equipped to recover from wear with new growth even from divots.

What are stolons and rhizomes?

Stolons or runners as they are more commonly called are above-ground stems that creep along the surface and then grows a clone of the original pant. The new plant puts down roots and then sends out runners repeating the process. Rhizomes or creeping root stalks as they are sometimes known are stems that run horizontally underground, just beneath the surface. Rhizomes send both roots down and new shoots up. 

This double-dipping allows Sir Grange to have one of the most elaborate root systems we have seen. It is the scale of this plant material under the surface that gives Sir Grange its unbeatable characteristics.

Long, short and everything in between

Another unique characteristic of Sir Grange is its versatility when it comes to mowing heights. Sir Grange can be mown as short as 8mm, or kept longer up to 50mm. It can even be left very long, around 100mm, and trimmed once a year as a garden feature. Like all grasses, the lowest mowing heights should be avoided in the most shaded areas.

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