New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Green Solutions It’s New Year’s Resolution time, instead of making the same boring promises why not try some green solutions! New Year, New Turf For an easy New Year’s Green Solution you can keep, why not finally get that new lawn installed like you keep saying you should. The holidays are a great […]

Instantly Green Up Your Lawn

Turf Tips: Instantly green up your lawn: ColourGuard Plus

With Christmas almost here and the entire family coming round for a big day of celebrating, you want your lawn looking its best. You may not realise it but we have a solution that will instantly green your lawn, it’s called ColourGuard Plus. Your lawn might have missed out on all the rain and might […]

Your Lawn and Pets

A Pet Owners Dream: Dog Friendly Turf Pets cause more than the general wear and tear damage on your lawn.  They can wreak havoc on both artificial grass and natural turf. Pet urine burns, digging holes and patches in high traffic areas are a few of the issues to expect if you don’t choose the […]

Storms and Lawns

Storms & Lawns

With recent storms lashing out around South East Queensland we are finally getting some much-needed rain, but is it enough? A common question we get asked is if you still need to water your lawn after rain. The answer is yes, sometimes you need to. Lawns need deep watering to encourage healthy root growth. Many […]

Can you grow Sir Walter DNA Certified from seed?

Can you grow Sir Walter DNA Certified from seed?

We occasionally get asked if you can grow Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo from seed. This week we take a look at the answer and find out which varieties can and can not be grown from seed. Can you grow Sir Walter DNA Certified from seed? We often get asked if it is possible to […]

Getting your lawn ready for the holidays

Getting your lawn ready for the holidays

Now is the perfect time to prepare your lawn for the holiday period; with the school year winding down and the Summer holiday nearly upon us, this means your lawn is about to get a big workout. Whether it’s family BBQ’s, backyard cricket or just the kids running around enjoying the longer days. Now will […]

Fertilising your lawn

Fertilising your lawn

When fertilising your lawn you need to remember to use the right mixture, quantity and apply at the right time of the year. A common lawn care mistake is to fertilise heavily in Spring with the expectation of seeing a plush, green lawn emerge. Most commercial fertilisers contain soluble nitrogen, which in too large a […]

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