Top 5 spring lawn care tips

Top 5 spring lawn care tips

This week’s turf tip breaks down the top 5 spring lawn care tips. Follow as many of these tips as you can and you will have the best lawn in the street! #1 Spring lawn care tip: Update your lawn maintenance schedule The first spring lawn care tip is to update your lawn care maintenance […]

Last days of winter

Last days of winter

With the days warming up the last days of winter are upon us. But the cold nights mean it’s not quite spring yet, so here are some tips for this tricky time of year. When does winter end With the 1st of September just around the corner, our calendars are telling us it is almost […]

Get a golf course lawn

Get a golf course lawn

If you love your golf club, you shouldn’t just have any lawn, you should have a golf course lawn. Sir Grange has taken the golf course world by storm, and now it is doing the same for lawns. Bring the golf course home   You spend all weekend marvelling at the glorious grass types at […]

Establishing a new lawn

Turf Tips: Establishing a new lawn

Establishing a new lawn is the important final step when you install a new lawn or upgrade your existing lawn. The steps you take in the first weeks and months can ensure your new lawn is as healthy and as vibrant as you hoped. Watering a new lawn Water is always the biggest key to […]

Taking Care of Winter Weeds

Taking Care of Winter Weeds

During colder months grass doesn’t grow like it does in the warmer months of Summer. While this means less lawn care it can also give way to Winter weeds. The best thing to do is to keep this from happening in the first place. Taking care of your lawn now means less compaction when the […]

What to expect in Winter

What to expect in winter

With the shorter Winter days it is a great excuse to pull out that favourite jacket you never get to wear, but your lawn isn’t as appreciative of the change of climate. This week’s turf tip we look at what changes to your lawn heading into Winter. More weeds   Winter is the perfect time […]

Bee Friendly Lawn Care

Bee friendly lawn care

Bee puns really sting, but friendly lawn care for these hard working pollinators right now is more important than ever. Since today is World Bee Day, we look at bee friendly lawn care and what you can do to avoid harming them. The importance of Bees Bees are a massive contributor to our ecosystem and […]

Get A Head Start On Winter Weeds

Get a head start on winter weeds

As the weather cools down the growth rate of your lawn slows down, but at the same time unwanted weed growth starts to speedup. Now is the time to get a head start on winter weeds before they start poking their heads through. Act fast with winter weeds It is very important to take care […]

Best lawnmower for your lawn

Best lawnmower for your lawn

Picking the best lawn mower for your lawn is vital. In this weeks article, we will break down the types of lawn mowers and help you work out which is best for your lawn. A selection of the best lawnmower options Best for traditional blocks. Rotary Petrol Mowers: Powerful, affordable and easy to use; rotary […]

Knowing when to fertilise

Knowing When to Fertilise

While your lawn will love the burst of rain, water is not the only nutrient your lawn needs. When a lawn is properly fertilised, it can help deal with the stress of changing temperatures and avoid other problem situations that can cause your lawn. Use water after spreading You want your lawn is looking its […]

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