Bee Friendly Lawn Care

Bee friendly lawn care

Turf Tips: Bee friendly lawn care

Bee puns really sting, but friendly lawn care for these hard working pollinators right now is more important than ever. Since today is World Bee Day in this weeks blog post we look at bee friendly lawn care and what you can do to avoid harming them

The importance of Bees

The importance of Bees

Bees are a massive contributor to our ecosystem and is under a lot of stress with the population declining dramatically. Without bees there would be massive problems with pollination as we crucially need them or we would lose most of our natural resources such as most fruits and vegetables. With these essential crops farmers would struggle grow to provide for us, but most importantly there livestock. It is important to take the right precautions to avoid hurting these hard working pollinators.

Safe Chemicals and how to use them

Safe Chemicals and how to use them

Turf by itself does not provide food for bees because it does not provide pollen like flowers would, but overspray of chemicals to treat your lawn or garden can be highly harmful to bees. When caring for lawn, herbicides and insecticides are usually to remove weeds and pest such as lawn grub. Bees are at great risk due to consuming these chemicals possibly killing them off.

You can reduce the risk of chemicals harmful to bees when treating lawns for grub and weeds by using the right product at the right time. Any spray that lands on weeds such as clover will end up in a bee’s digestive system. It is best to remove weeds by mowing before applying any chemicals and not to spray when it’s windy to avoid it drifting onto flowerbeds.

In the case of lawn grubs you can prevent the grubs attacking by using granule product called Acelepryn GR. The granule formulation offers the same benefits as liquid product. It is the only product currently on the market that provides residual protection against lawn grub up to 6 months. Here is some great application tips when treating for lawn grub.

Attracting Bees to your yard

Attracting Bees to your yard

One of the best ways to support these hard working pollinators is by growing borage and alyssum to attract bees to your garden. There is a massive variety of diverse flowering trees, shrubs you can use to expand and create flowerbeds in your yard.

Other gardeners may choose to allow a few weed flowers that have pollen such as clover in the turf. But if you decide to remove weeds that are flowering, make sure to be careful to remove the flower so the bees don’t absorbed the poisonous nectar as it is lethal.


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