Best lawn sprinkler & irrigation system

Today we are sharing the best lawn sprinkler and irrigation system we recommend to get the perfect lawn. Below we discuss what an irrigation system is and suggestions of different types of sprinklers and soaker hoses to water your grass.

What is an Irrigation system?

To ensure your lawn and garden receives the correct amount of water to be applied at the right time of day would be to install a lawn irrigation system. Creating the best irrigation system possible for your home garden, consider both a traditional sprinkler-based irrigation and drip filter system for the best results. An automatic irrigation system, which can be adjusted to the individual needs of different plantings and your lawn, will give you a thicker, greener lawn and more beautiful gardens, as you save time and water.

There are two different styles of irrigation systems to choose from, traditional sprinkler-based systems and drip irrigation systems. To irrigate smaller areas, we recommend drip irrigation which is the ideal complement to traditional irrigation. Rather than irrigating large areas, a drip system is set up to water very small, specific areas like garden beds, specific plants with different watering requirements and patio plants. Drip systems use little water and discourage weed growth. If you have both a lawn and a garden, using both a sprinkler-based and drip irrigation system will allow both areas to be watered with the correct amount of water.

Best lawn sprinkler system

Traditional sprinkler-based system are well suited to watering large areas of grass and large garden beds that have plants with similar watering needs. The best lawn sprinkler is an Oscillating sprinkler which is cheaper and is an effective way to help watering large areas of grass and large garden beds that have plants with similar watering needs.

One lawn sprinkler we recommend is the Gardena comfort Aquazoom sprinkler which can be purchased from your local Bunnings. With this particular sprinkler you can accomplish amazing results that will irrigate your lawn covering up to 250m².  Please keep in mind that any sprinkler is better than no sprinkler.

Why it’s recommended to use a Soaker hose

If you have both a lawn and a garden, using both a sprinkler-based and drip irrigation system will allow both areas to be watered with the correct amount of water. Another recommend is soaker hoses as they deliver the water from close to the ground allowing more water to go exactly where you want it, and avoid watering your concrete targeting specific areas to avoid waste from overspray.

While not the fanciest solution, the soaker hose is the simplest and most trusted way for you to get the water where you need it when it comes to watering your lawn. The best lawn sprinkler doesn’t have to be the most expensive.

One final tip for watering your lawn is using a tap timer. We suggest the Mechanical Tap Timer that sets a water time up to two hours automatically shutting off, or an automatic Digital Tap Timer that has a digital display to suit your needs. This one is perfect for those who travels quite frequently, doesn’t have time or isn’t sure how much to water your lawn using the best lawn sprinkler.

For more information regarding water maintenance take a look at the Jimboomba Turf watering guide or call our team on (07) 3114 8281. You can also to pop in and order in person at our sales office on 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge. Office hours are from Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm.

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  1. Greg Denford

    I rent a house in Hamilton Hill WA with a large lawn on a corner block. I hsve been asked by the realestate to water this lawn. The soil is sandy and not much rain falls in summer. I have tried a 15m sprinkler hose to water the lawn having to move it 10 times and using 1500 lt of water over 2 hours.
    Would a sprinkler do a better job if so what brand.

    1. Shane Bridges

      It is always best to get some local advice, over your way you could speak to Lawn Doctor or Down South Turf.

      The advice we would normally give is this:

      The soaker hose is the best way to water, but you should look at the longer 30m soaker hose if your water pressure allows.

      Also use the takeaway container trick from our recent lawn care video to calculate how long it takes to put down 10-25mm. With a sandy profile you want to ensure you aren’t wasting water by putting too much down.

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