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The wonderful thing about new turf is that incredible transformation from a bare earth, dirt and dust
to a lush, green lawn. The smell of it. The feel of it. The warm afternoon sun beaming down on it.
You lay the last slab, turn on the garden hose, crack a cold beer and be at one with nature.
Jimboomba Turf just helped me turn my yard into a lawn. Boom!

It's time to get the right lawn.

The days of having only one variety of grass to choose for your lawn are long gone. Sir Walter DNA Certified first showed us just how special a lawn can be, and now TifTuf and Sir Grange zoysia are pushing the boundaries even further.

A fit for purpose lawn.

Every home and every family is unique. From hard wearing for a sporty family, to low maintenance and shade tolerant for a modern lawn or low water usage for a eco-friendly lawn. We have the perfect lawn for every home.

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