Turf Tips: What turf variety do the best in the industry use?

What turf variety do the best in the industry use?

Turf Tips: What turf variety do the best in the industry use?  If you want to play your best, you need the best gear. This weeks turf tip we look at what turf grass variety do the best in the industry use and why. In some ways, lawns are similar to golf clubs. Melbourne International […]

Three Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Autumn lawn care tips

Turf Tips: 3 Autumn lawn care tips The sting of summer seems to have almost have left us. Here are 3 simple autumn lawn care tips to best prepare your lawn for the cooler months ahead. Don’t be left starting from scratch in spring, keep your lawn looking great all year round! Shorter days, longer […]

Turf Tips Repairing Patches

Repairing Patches

Repairing Patches With lots of turf groups on social media, we are seeing people get wonderful results bringing tired lawns back to life. While we have seen some amazing resurrections, some patches just won’t come back no matter much TLC you give them. This week’s turf tip breaks down repairing patches for the areas that […]

How Your Lawn Helps You

How your lawn helps you

Between the mowing, the watering, the fertilising and all the other lawn care maintenance, this week’s turf tip looks at the other side of how your lawn can help you. How your lawn helps you with your lifestyle In a world more and more people are connected to technology, we are spending more and more […]

Make good use of the rain

With the wet weather expected over South East Queensland the next couple of days, we are finally getting some much needed rain. This week’s turf tip takes advantage of this change in weather we have had and shows how you can make good use of the rain. Helping the soil underneath One great tip for […]

Magpie looking for grubs

Lawn grubs – How to look out for and treat lawn grubs

Lawn grubs love the warm weather, and the recent heat has seen them out in force. Most active in South East Queensland from October till May but found year round, it’s important to stay especially vigilant any time the weather warms up. Signs of a lawn grubs Patchy lawns with brown or bare patches are […]

Three post holiday lawncare tips

Three post-holiday lawn care tips

Post-holiday lawn care can be daunting. The holidays ending is bad enough, but coming home to a long or brown lawn can really add to the post-holiday blues. Here are 3 tips to help you get your post-holiday lawn back to its best. Is your post-holiday lawn a little long? Mowing your lawn is a […]

Turf Tips New year, new turf

Turf Tips: New Year, New Turf!

For an easy New Year’s Resolution you can keep, why not finally get that new turf installed like you keep saying you should. The holidays are a great time to get new turf down with lots of family and friends are free to give you a hand. Now it’s New Year’s Resolution time, instead of […]

Lawn grubs or dry patches

Lawn grubs or dry patches

Lawn grubs or dry patches is a common conversation we are having with customers lately. With lawn grubs coming into season and warm dry weather we many people are worried about their lawns. Why do people confuse lawn grubs or dry patches? One common problem we have seen recently is customers who think they have […]

Why your lawn needs oxygen

Why your lawn needs oxygen

This weeks turf tip we look at the importance of lawns needing oxygen to encourage growth. Much the same as you, your lawn needs to breathe by taking in oxygen in order to survive. Why turf requires oxygen Oxygen uptake is performed through the roots of your turf, so you have to make sure your […]

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