Spring Lawn Renovation: Aerating Your Lawn

Spring Lawn Renovation: Aerating Your Lawn

Since you have dethatched your lawn it’s time to help your lawn breathe! Spring is the perfect time for lawn aeration to allow your lawn to get some extra access to oxygen and before the warmer season of summer. If you have not dethatched your lawn yet, check out our handy article on it: Dethatching […]

Winter Lawn Compaction & Aeration

Winter Lawn Compaction & Aeration

With Winter here, now is the perfect time for your annual Winter lawn aeration. There are many different lawn types, and each can use this handy method. Aeration is the process of breaking through the layer of thatch that has built up in your lawn. Aeration removes a plug of soil that allows nutrients to […]


Aeration is needed for lawn care, is only necessary when the soil becomes so compacted that neither, water or nutrients can reach the roots of the plant. This is accomplished with machinery that will pull plugs out of the lawn which will let air in. You can aid this process with a good watering the […]

Lawn Aeration

Proper Lawn Aeration Any place there is heavy traffic on a lawn you run the risk of soil compaction. Compacted soil is never good for the lawn. These areas might be where the family plays cricket, where the laundry is hung or where the cars park. But, thankfully, it is easy to determine if you […]

Compacted Lawns – The Best Treatment

Compacted Lawns Soil compaction can cause real problems for lawns so you don’t want to let it go untreated. With compacted lawns there is not enough space for air and water to circulate properly. This means less water stored and the roots have more trouble penetrating the ground to reach needed nutrients. Compacted soil also […]

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