Kelp your lawn out with LSA Lawn Kelper

Kelp your lawn out with LSA Lawn Kelper

New Product Alert: Lawn Solutions Australia Lawn Kelper Liquid Nutrient Package   A popular form of fertiliser, seaweed or kelp as it is known can be important for your lawn care routine. Lawn Kelper was particularly designed to help lawns with their turf vigour, root strength and leaf growth. In this week’s article, we will […]

Instantly Green Up Your Lawn

Turf Tips: Instantly green up your lawn: ColourGuard Plus

With Christmas almost here and the entire family coming round for a big day of celebrating, you want your lawn looking its best. You may not realise it but we have a solution that will instantly green your lawn, it’s called ColourGuard Plus. Your lawn might have missed out on all the rain and might […]

Heritage Maxx and Mancozeb DG Fungicides - Product Spotlight

Heritage Maxx and Mancozeb DG Fungicides – Product Spotlight

With the recent wet and humid weather, fungal diseases can target your lawn. In this week’s article, we will spotlight a few fungicides that will help you and your lawn. What is Mancozeb DG Fungicide? Mancozeb DG is a contact fungicide that controls many fungal diseases in your lawn. It is a dry formulation that […]

Top 10 Common Lawn Weeds

Top 10 Common Lawn Weeds

In this week’s article, we are here to talk about common lawn weeds. We will be going through some of the weeds we encounter when talking to customers and giving you some handy tips to help fight or remove them. Crowsfoot grass Crowsfoot grass is an annual summer weed with dark green flattened stems and […]

Get A Head Start On Winter Weeds

Get a head start on winter weeds

As the weather cools down the growth rate of your lawn slows down, but at the same time unwanted weed growth starts to speedup. Now is the time to get a head start on winter weeds before they start poking their heads through. Act fast with winter weeds It is very important to take care […]

How to treat nutgrass

How to treat Nutgrass

Has nutgrass been the bane of your existence? If so, in this weeks article we hope to inform you all about nutgrass and help you eradicate it. What is Nut Grass? Nutgrass is an unpleasant weed that is part of the sedge family. It gets its name because of the nut-like tubers found at the […]

Plant Growth Regulators

Plant Growth Regulators

Wanting to move to the next level. Use what the professionals use, Plant Growth Regulators to the rescue! Used on sports grounds and golf courses alike, PGR’s as they are also known are available for use in the domestic market. In this weeks article, we will break down what Plant Growth Regulators do and the […]

Fighting winter weeds

Fighting winter weeds is front of mind for many lawn lovers right now as winter weeds rise up. Your lawns winter dormancy gives winter weeds all the opportunity they need to thrive, here are 3 of the most common winter weeds and how to fight them. Wintergrass Winter grass grows in tufts with fine, bright […]

What is winter dormancy?

What is winter dormancy?

With the change of season certain types of turf varieties slow down, while others completely stop growing. This week’s turf tip is on winter dormancy and a few great turf maintenance tips on to help your lawn thrive through the colder season and continue to grow throughout. Winter Lawn Dormancy Dormancy is when a living […]

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