Does Sir Walter Grow in Shade?

Shade in Australia

While much of Australia is sunny you may have areas of shade you want to place Sir Walter. It is a good grass for shady areas, especially if you follow a few tips.

Some Light is Needed

You do need some light so make sure the lawn gets some light even if it is filtered. Be sure and rake any leaf build up from under trees so that the grass can get all the light available.

More Tips

Keep traffic to a minimum in shady areas as it wears quicker. It can also thin out in the winter quicker than in other areas of the lawn. Keep it watered, fertilised and your Sir Walter turf should do just fine in the areas of shade on your lawn.

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  1. Good morning. Hey just a quick question. I have an area at the side of that is under a shade sail. We have couch and it doesn’t want to grow. Will your sir walter grow under the sail. It gets filtered light for about 4 hours in the morning.

    1. Shane Bridges

      Sir Walter or Sir Grange would do better in that location than couch grass, but that amount of light probably isn’t going to be enough for them to thrive. Both of these varieties require 2-3 hours of direct sunlight daily.

  2. fiona gardner

    I m building a house, down each side of house is 1.5 m from house wall to 1.8h fence, do you think sir walter will grow in these areas?

    1. Hi Fiona,

      Sir Walter DNA Certified is a proven performer in shaded areas however, does require 3 hours of sunlight a day to survive.

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