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So you are about to make that big leap into home ownership, congratulations. There are hundreds of decisions that you will be faced with during this crusade; colour choices, material choices, what sort of curtains, gas or electric stoves, the list goes on.

However, there is one most important choice that is often overlooked; ‘what type of lawn will we have in our new home’. This used to be an easy choice because there was only one to choose from; a couch type that required full sun. For many years house yards were larger, with a lot more prevailing sun that worked well with fine leafed grasses.

Nowadays with decreasing lot sizes, the choice is still easy, but for a different reason. The amount of sunlight in your lawn areas has decreased, requiring a turf type that can withstand both sun and shade. Jimboomba Sir Walter will withstand these conditions a lot better than the full sun couch grasses, basically it is a proven all rounder. Also don’t forget that over time, your shrubs and trees will grow, further exasperating the shade equation.

The selection of the correct lawn type is critical to the ongoing enjoyment of your outside recreational areas in your piece of paradise, and to family pleasure. The lawn area of your home is often the forgotten piece of the puzzle, with a plethora of other decisions further up the list, but in reality this decision should be among the first you make, and the one that brings most value.

Your embarkation on home ownership is a holistic investment, from letter box to the back fence; there is no room in this investment for underperformance. Would you put up with a hot water system that continually produced lukewarm water, of course you wouldn’t.

Jimboomba Turf Group have been supplying home owners across SEQ with lawns for some 35 years, and over this period have seen trends change, and have developed products to suit these ever changing housing trends. Our office consistently fields calls about lawn replacement advice from consumers, who for a number of reasons, find themselves with a yard that suffers from shade issues. These folk seek out our advice for a remedy, the advice is always replace your existing couch type turf with Jimboomba Sir Walter, which will best handle this sun and shade environment.

Of course the best way to avoid these ongoing issues is to choose Jimboomba Sir Walter for your new investment from the outset, and insist that your builder/developer includes this in your build up. Whilst Jimboomba Sir Walter is slightly more expensive than couch, remembering you are only accounting for the extra upgrade amount, not the ‘from zero’ amount.

Spending a little bit more at the initial stage will ensure that your get years of value. If you want a lawn with superior colour, ease of maintenance and hard wearing characteristics, then you can’t go past Jimboomba Sir Walter.

Jimboomba Sir Walter is DNA Certified Genetic Assured Purity, ensuring you receive exactly what you paid for.

First impressions when you drive down the street can add great value to your property, and prestige to your home.

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