Five Tips To Conquer House Fever

Five Tips To Conquer House Fever

Sick of looking at the four walls inside your house? If you have been avoiding some long overdue work in the backyard. Now is the perfect time to get out of the house and get on top of them. From getting a brand new lawn to some DIY projects, here are five tips to conquer house fever.

#1 Get A New Lawn or Fix An Existing One

Is your lawn looking dull or unimpressive. Why not treat yourself to a new lawn? A new lawn is a perfect way to keep yourself busy. Having it as a hobby will keep you out of the house and will tick off some overdue backyard work.

If you currently have an impressive lawn but still isn’t picture perfect. Why not spend some time fixing those minor problems?

#2 Feeling Hot Hot Hot. Why Not Build A Firepit?

We didn’t start the fire…or did we? Do you have some spare bricks and a spare spot in your backyard, why not build a firepit?

Check out this video on How To Build a Custom-Sized Fire Pit:

#3 Install A Lawn Irrigation System

Watering your lawn can be a time taking experience. Installing a lawn irrigation system could be a way to get more hours back. Spending the time to set it up right can reduce the amount of time you spend. Also improving the reduction of water wastage compared to other methods such as sprinklers.

Check out this handy article on Installing a lawn irrigation system:

Episode #4 A New Hoop.
Create A Backyard Sports Field

Missing out on popping out to the local park to play your favourite game? Why not build your own sports field in your backyard? A good way to get out and active, it is a perfect way to get everyone in the family out and active.

Check out this video from Lawn Solutions Australia on How to make your own Backyard Cricket Pitch:

#5 Learn or Practice Photography

Have you been wanting to learn or practice something new? Why not try or learn something snappy like photography? Just because you can’t go to a national park doesn’t mean you can’t find interesting things to photograph in and outside of the house.
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Turf harvesting has come a long way in our 45 years. It has gone from a very manual, rough and tumble process to the amazing automated process we use today.

The key to all of this is our Firefly harvesters. They allow for pallet loading straight from tractor to harvester. The turf is then harvested and automatically stacked on the pallet. The pallets are dropped on the fly and the forklift can then move and load the trucks.

Then with our on-truck forklifts we can then unload leaving the turf exactly where our customers need it. All without a single human hand touching the pallet or the turf.
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