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Keep A Watch For The Prevalent Post Rain Pests

While a good soaking is great for our lawn, there are a few post rain pests to keep an eye out for so we have identified solutions to avoid problems.

Look out for lawn grubs

Lawn Grubs: How To Look Out For & Treat Lawn Grubs

Lawn grubs love the warm weather, and the recent heat has seen them out in force. It’s important to stay especially vigilant any time the weather temperature increases.

Treating lawn dry patches

Treating lawn dry patches

Has the lawn not been looking thinning or bare? Dry patches might be to blame. Find out in this weeks article some of the causes of dry patches, the telltale signs and how to solve issues surrounding them. Causes of dry patches (dead spots) Not all dry patches are created by the same issue. The […]

Preparing for lawn grubs

Preparing for lawn grubs

Mostly active from October until May, it is now the time of the year when lawn grubs come out to play. It is important to keep an eye on the signs and stay vigilant as the weather warms up. Signs of lawn grubs Knowing the signs before they are widespread in your lawn will be […]

How to apply Acelepryn GR

How to apply Acelepryn GR

With the weather warming up lawn grubs are going to become more and more of a problem. Even if you have the greenest lawn on the street. Previous products available would kill the lawn grubs in your lawn currently. Not giving any ongoing protection, leaving lawns open to continual lawn grub attacks. If you are […]

Lawn grubs or dry patches

Lawn grubs or dry patches

Lawn grubs or dry patches is a common conversation we are having with customers lately. With lawn grubs coming into season and warm dry weather we many people are worried about their lawns. Why do people confuse lawn grubs or dry patches? One common problem we have seen recently is customers who think they have […]

The Attack of the Lawn Grubs

Nothing can be more discouraging than to see your lawn is under attack by lawn grubs. But there are things you can do that can treat the problem and eliminate the grubs. There are a variety of insects that come under the term of lawn grubs and some of them are army worms and sod […]

Dealing with Army Worms or Lawn Grubs

You work hard to keep your lawn in good condition so that it looks great and is healthy. And a healthy lawn is a good thing except when it comes to army worms and sod web worms. It’s their favourite type of lawn and they attack yards all over Australia. These worms can cause serious […]

Army Worms Removal From Your Lawn

Do I Have Army Worms? Discovering the presence of army worms can be bad news for your lawn. Army worms can easily breach a variety of yards in any number of places. These little guys tend to be the start of a lawn quality decline as they tend to be pretty destructive. With regards to […]

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