Getting your lawn ready for the holidays

Getting your lawn ready for the holidays

Now is the perfect time to prepare your lawn for the holiday period; with the school year winding down and the Summer holiday nearly upon us, this means your lawn is about to get a big workout. Whether it’s family BBQ’s, backyard cricket or just the kids running around enjoying the longer days. Now will […]

Establishing a new lawn

Turf Tips: Establishing a new lawn

Establishing a new lawn is the important final step when you install a new lawn or upgrade your existing lawn. The steps you take in the first weeks and months can ensure your new lawn is as healthy and as vibrant as you hoped. Watering a new lawn Water is always the biggest key to […]

Servicing your mower during Winter

Servicing your mower during Winter

Your lawn mower needs regular servicing to keep it in great shape. Without servicing, your mower can tear at your lawn and even break down. Usually at the worst time. If you forget to run the mower during these cooler months. Your lawn mower may not be able to restart during the summer months. Mower […]

5 Common Lawn Problems & How to Avoid Them

5 Common Lawn Problems & How to Avoid Them

Keeping on top of lawn damage is a hard task. Whilst you and your lawnmower will be maintaining your lawn, other factors will be at work to help undo your hard effort. In this weeks article we hope to go through these problems and help you keep on top of them. #1 – Too little […]

5 ways to boost curb appeal

5 ways to boost curb appeal

Have you been looking to sell your house or make it stand out on the street? In this weeks article we have 5 top tips to help you improve curb appeal! What is curb appeal? People will judge a book by its cover and the same goes for your lawn. Curb appeal refers to how […]

Best lawnmower for your lawn

Best lawnmower for your lawn

Picking the best lawn mower for your lawn is vital. In this weeks article, we will break down the types of lawn mowers and help you work out which is best for your lawn. A selection of the best lawnmower options Best for traditional blocks. Rotary Petrol Mowers: Powerful, affordable and easy to use; rotary […]

3 Summer Lawn Tips

3 Summer Lawn Care Tips

The weather has warmed up and the holidays are just around the corner. This means it might be time to spend a little more time looking after your lawn. To help with this we have put together some simple Summer lawn care tips to make looking after your lawn slightly easier this upcoming Summer. Make […]

Winter mower maintenance

Winter mower maintenance is very important in your annual lawn care cycle. Don’t get caught in the spring rush, take advantage of your lawns slow growth in winter and get your equipment serviced and fresh before the weather warms up. Why winter lawn mower repair? Too many customers don’t even think about maintenance until it’s […]

stripe lawn

Stripe your lawn guide

With the rise of lawn care on social media more and more people are looking for lawn domination. The pinnacle of lawn domination is to stripe your lawn. Where have I seen this? Commercial spaces and sporting fields are the most common place you would have already seen lawn striping in use. It creates a […]

Turf Tips: Winter lawn tip – Winter is early

With the mercury set to plummet this weekend, it is the perfect time to talk about a winter lawn tip or two. Getting your lawn ready for the cooler months early ensures your lawn is in the best shape when spring comes. Longer leaf for a happier winter lawn Our first winter lawn tip involves […]

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