Your Lawn and Pets

A Pet Owners Dream: Dog Friendly Turf Pets cause more than the general wear and tear damage on your lawn.  They can wreak havoc on both artificial grass and natural turf. Pet urine burns, digging holes and patches in high traffic areas are a few of the issues to expect if you don’t choose the […]

5 Common Lawn Problems & How to Avoid Them

5 Common Lawn Problems & How to Avoid Them

Keeping on top of lawn damage is a hard task. Whilst you and your lawnmower will be maintaining your lawn, other factors will be at work to help undo your hard effort. In this weeks article we hope to go through these problems and help you keep on top of them. #1 – Too little […]

Treating lawn dry patches

Treating lawn dry patches

Has the lawn not been looking thinning or bare? Dry patches might be to blame. Find out in this weeks article some of the causes of dry patches, the telltale signs and how to solve issues surrounding them. Causes of dry patches (dead spots) Not all dry patches are created by the same issue. The […]

How To Reduce Pet Wear On Your Lawn

How to reduce pet wear on your lawn

If you have noticed major pet wear to your lawn. We have some paw-some pet friendly tips to help reduce some common problems on your lawn. Turf Variety Though you wouldn’t think how important it is, what turf variety you have can make or break the health of your lawn. Having a wear-resistant lawn will […]

Grass and Pets

Do you experience difficulty with your four-legged friends who left bare patches where they run? Frequently aerating these grass areas will prevent the dirt from compacting and decrease the harm. You can place ‘obstacles’ in their way so that they need to change their way. This will allow the typical track to repair itself. Especially […]

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