Turf Tips: Genuine DNA Certified Sir Walter

Success breeds imitation, and it’s no different for Sir Walter. As members of Lawn Solutions Australia we don’t just sell Sir Walter, we sell genuine DNA Certified Sir Walter. This ensures our customer get the genuine, high quality turf product which Australians know and trust. Original Breeder Guaranteed Beware of imitators! Genuine Sir Walter DNA […]

Turf Tips: Where do new grass varieties come from

With a couple of new grass varieties coming to Jimboomba Turf recently some customers wanted to know where new grass varieties come from. So this week’s turf tip looks at the relationships and research that go into having the best grass varieties for Australian lawns. Lawn Solutions Australia & University of Georgia  Jimboomba Turf group […]

Turf Tips: Sir Walter affected by white spots

Have you noticed a problem on your lawn with your Sir Walter affected by white spots? The cause could be a tree in your garden which should be easy to spot right now since it’s in full bloom across Brisbane. Golden Penda The tree in question is a Golden Penda (Xanthostemon Chrysanthus), which is very […]

Turf Tips: Australian conditions need an Australian Lawn

A land of drought and flood, Australia can be a tough climate. For tough Australian conditions, you really need a tough Australian lawn. The wrong turf variety can lead to higher maintenance costs or even require the whole lawn to be replaced. Not every turf variety can handle our sometimes brutal conditions. Before you gather […]

Sir Walter DNA Certification

How would you know It’s Genuine Sir Walter? In late 2015, Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) initiated a broad DNA testing process with our individuals to facilitate guarantee that the Sir Walter that is created and sold by LSA individuals is the veritable, excellent turf item which Australians know and trust. To guarantee you are acquiring […]

The Best Time to Fertilise Your Lawn

You will need to regularly fertilise your Sir Walter lawn in order to keep it in the best condition possible.  Lawns that have deep, healthier roots can deal with stress much better. They can also keep their winter colour better and weeds are less apt to grow. Sir Launcher is an excellent fertiliser to use […]

Sir Walter Lawn and Weed Resistance

Taking care of your Sir Walter Lawn. When you keep your Sir Walter healthy from the start you can prevent many problems. Prevention and maintenance is much easier to do than dealing with the problems that arise for not taking care of your lawn. Weeds are one of these things that are better to prevent […]

Keeping Your Winter Colour

Winter can be rough on a lawn and can cause your Sir Walter turf to fade in colour. But there are some things you can do to avoid that purple look that buffalo grass can get in the winter. The first thing that will keep your lawn looking good all winter lawn is choosing the […]

Sir Walter Is Great for the Environment

Did you know a good lawn helps the environment? We all enjoy a beautiful lawn. It is totally relaxing to sit and enjoy the beauty of a lush, green lawn. But it also helps the environment by producing the oxygen we need to breathe. It also soaks up carbon dioxide. It’s a natural filter and […]

Lawn Varieties

Different Lawn Varieties There are many different climates and land areas and different lawn varieties to go with both. You can choose a number of cultivars and lawn varieties if you are starting fresh with a new lawn. Different Features Each lawn variety has its strong points. Some do well in the winter and some […]

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