Does Sir Walter Grow in Shade?

Shade in Australia While much of Australia is sunny you may have areas of shade you want to place Sir Walter. It is a good grass for shady areas, especially if you follow a few tips. Some Light is Needed You do need some light so make sure the lawn gets some light even if […]

A Self Healing Lawn

Sir Walter – A Self Healing Lawn The Australian climate is a tough one and can wreak havoc on your lawn. This can mean a lawn that ends up damaged during times of drought and harsh weather. The best choice to avoid that is Sir Walter turf. Sir Walter is an extremely hardy variety of […]

Flood Damage Avoided with Sir Walter

Any time you have lots of rain that results in pooled water your lawn can be in trouble. But there are grasses that can withstand it better than some others and Sir Walter is one of those. Water Damage to Lawns If you have a grass like kikuyu and you end up with pooled water […]

Heat Tolerant Lawn

Heat Tolerant in the Aussie Sun Australia is known for the hot weather periods it often experiences and this can really stress your lawn. But Sir Walter turf can tolerate the heat a lot better than some other grasses. Even with its heat tolerant characteristics there comes a time when the heat will be too […]

What is the Best Grass for Your Location?

Best Grass While there isn’t a perfect grass for any location in Australia there are some choices that work better in certain places than in others. HAL ( Horticulture Australia Limited ) has combined research with WA and between them to find out what is best. Sir Walter Rates Top The Queensland Primary Industries and Fisheries Department […]

Choosing the Right Lawn

Choosing the Right Lawn There are many reasons to want to put in a new lawn. You could have a lawn now that is nothing but rocks and is ugly. You may want to landscape around your business. You could be building a new home and you are going to have nothing but bare ground […]

Shady Areas

Sir Walter for Shady Areas Many things create shady areas on lawns today that didn’t years ago. Yards have fences and decks and homes are designed in ways that can impact how much sun your lawn will receive. No grass is going to grow in total shade but Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo is a […]

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