Tips for Watering Your Lawn

Watering your lawn is imperative once you lay your turf. You want to make sure you water often until the lawn is firmly established, and the roots have taken hold. Water small areas as they are finished if you are laying turf in a very large area. Even leaving it in the sun for an […]

Helpful Watering Information

Many local water authorities are offering rebates on things like rainwater tanks. Here is a list of resources so you can check and see if you can get a rebate in your area. Western Australia Water Authorities NSW Water Authorities ACT Water Authorities South Australia Water Authorities Tasmania Water Authorities Queensland Water Authorities Victoria Water […]

Taking Care of the Lawn in Summer

Summertime means more time outdoors. Playing with the kids, cooking on the BBQ and games of cricket all add up to lots of time spent on the lawn. The heat is also at its peak and that can stress your lawn as well. But you can provide care for your lawn in summer that will […]

Flood Damage Avoided with Sir Walter

Any time you have lots of rain that results in pooled water your lawn can be in trouble. But there are grasses that can withstand it better than some others and Sir Walter is one of those. Water Damage to Lawns If you have a grass like kikuyu and you end up with pooled water […]

Heat Tolerant Lawn

Heat Tolerant in the Aussie Sun Australia is known for the hot weather periods it often experiences and this can really stress your lawn. But Sir Walter turf can tolerate the heat a lot better than some other grasses. Even with its heat tolerant characteristics there comes a time when the heat will be too […]

When to Water

Keeping Your Lawn Well Watered When taking care of your lawn and garden you need to understand the best ways and when to water them. Most people tend to do frequent shallow watering but this is not really good for the lawn or garden. Watering deeper and less frequently is really what you want to […]

Lawn Problems Everyone Deals With

Lawn Problems If you have Sir Walter grass you already know that you have very few lawn problems when it comes to insects and pests. It is very disease resistant as well. But we do get questions on other problems of people trying to grow Sir Walter. Many of them can be traced back to […]

Is it Safe to Use Grey Water on Your Lawn?

Many people have wondered if it is safe to use grey water on their lawn, especially since the drought seems to be worsening. With the drought comes increased water restrictions so there is even a greater need to understand whether or not it is wise to use grey water on the lawn. Here is an […]

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