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You will find the answers to many frequently asked questions below, if you can’t find the answer to your question simply call our team on (07) 3114 8281.

Jimboomba Turf operates efficiently to ensure we get your turf delivered when and where you want. We operate in the the South East Queensland area including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Ipswich. It is ideal to place an order providing 24 – 48 hours notice to ensure we have the turf cut fresh from the farm, and delivered to your door when you desire. If you are unsure if your delivery location is in our service area please ask. Delivery orders can simply be placed over the phone by calling (07) 3114 8281

Yes you can pickup turf. Jimboomba Turf is conveniently located just south of the Brisbane CBD. You can pickup your pre-ordered and pre-paid turf grass from our Sales and Administration Centre located at 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge, Queensland. This location offers customers the ability to collect small or large quantities of turf daily during business hours. We would appreciate that pickup orders be placed no later than 12.00 noon on the day prior to pickup.

Turf can be collected from our Sales and Administration Centre from 7.30am to 3pm Tuesday to Friday and 7:30am to 11:30am Saturday.

Jimboomba Turf now have a lawn care product ordering facility online – We will call you to confirm your order, and take your payment details. Alternatively, you can call us on (07) 3114 8281 to place an order over the telephone.

Our South East Queensland office is located in Acacia Ridge, just 15 km from the Brisbane CBD. We are open for turf & lawn care product purchases and lawn care advice from Monday to Friday from 7.00am to 5.00pm and on Saturday from 7.00am to 12.00 noon.

The turf on our farm is unfortunately not open for public inspection. While our farms are not open to the public, we have display turf at our Sales and Administration Centre in Acacia Ridge for your inspection. This is where you will be able to see a display of the final product ready for its new home.

For areas of shade that receive less than eight hours of sunlight per day, it is best to use Sir Walter DNA Certified turf. While there is yet to be a grass variety that will grow in shade completely, Sir Walter DNA Certified Soft Leaf Buffalo turf adapts to shady areas better than any other warm season soft lawn turf. In newly planted young gardens you may initially have plenty of sun, but as your garden matures more shade is inevitable. A shade tolerant lawn will work best in the long-term. Find out more about Sir Walter, and why it is recommended by Jimboomba Turf to grow in shade.

Sir Walter seed is unfortunately not available. Whilst Sir Walter can produce seed heads when stressed, the seed is not viable. Most of your drought tolerant varieties cannot be grown from seed. The Sir Walter seed produced is male, sterile and not economically viable to be grown from. Even at the turf farms, Sir Walter is grown from a cutting. Your seed grown varieties tend to be cool season grasses like rye, fescue and blue grass. And these in most parts of Australia fail as a home lawn because the country is basically too hot. These grasses are much better suited to the cooler parts of Europe and upper North America.

Yes you will need to remove existing lawn. We recommend spraying with a total weed killer like Roundup, waiting seven days before rotary hoeing, and then spreading topsoil. Heavily vegetated surfaces may require two applications, seven days apart prior to rotary hoeing. Some surfaces may not require rotary hoeing prior to soil application.

Yes, depending on access, turf delivery can go into your backyard. The Jimboomba Turf forklifts measure 2.5m x 2.5m, and can manage most terrains. If you are unsure about your property access then please contact us and we can help you sort out any issues. Alternatively, you can take advantage of a turf installation service.

Slabs of turf are 1250mm x 600mm.

Yes we absolutely do install turf! Jimboomba Turf has the ability and experience to carry out most projects including sporting surfaces. We provide ‘green solutions’ for all your needs. Our installation teams are very experienced, and will transform your property in no time. Your site will go from a barren surface to an amazing, green landscape in no time at all. To arrange a quote to install turf, please speak to a member of our team by calling (07) 3114 8281. Or request a quote

Yes, you can definitely install turf while it is raining! Turf, like any plants, love the rain. This will help to water your turf in while it establishes. Watering is a step in preparing your turf. If it is raining you can easily ensure that you are methodically and thoroughly soaking each square metre of the newly installed turf. The soil must be kept moist until the roots of the turf have established – usually around ten to fourteen days.

Yes you can install turf during winter. Although it will take longer to establish, the ground does not get as cold in South East Queensland as it does in other parts of Australia. Also, turf does not require as much water during winter.

It is crucial that you water your new turf immediately after it has been laid. Newly installed turf must be kept moist to prevent set back. Different soils have different moisture capabilities and therefore you will need to monitor your soil in order to maintain the correct moisture content.

As a general rule, new turf should have one or two decent applications a day (morning and afternoon), and a heavy watering at least once every second day. Soil moisture should be monitored according to weather conditions to ensure that the turf does not dry out, or that the soil does not become waterlogged and boggy.

Once your turf has established it will require a deep watering every week, depending on weather and seasonal conditions. In summer you may have to increase the watering to twice a week.

Be aware that some areas of your lawn may require a different watering schedule. For example, steep slopes and areas along building walls may require extra watering where reflective heat can dry the turf out.

Sir Walter turf should not be over watered. However, for the first four weeks you need to keep your newly laid lawn moist. You can check this by finding an edge of turf and feeling the soil around the roots. If it is getting dry, give the lawn a good water, if wet, hold off for a few days. Of course this will be weather dependant, and therefore if it rains a lot you won’t need to water. If we are having extremely hot weather, you may need to water twice a day.

If laying a new lawn in warmer weather, we recommend keeping all foot traffic to a minimum for approximately four weeks, or until the turf is fully established. This can be checked by gently lifting the turf by a corner to test how easily it will lift. You should not be able to lift established turf. If you are laying your turf in late autumn or winter, we recommend staying off the turf as long as possible. During winter, turf takes longer to establish.

All new lawns should have a top dress to achieve best results. Top dressing fills in the hollows and gives your lawn a flat finished surface and better presentation after mowing. When applying topsoil the tips of the grass should show through to ensure the turf is not smothered.

A new lawn should be top dressed approximately six to eight weeks after installation, with medium washed river sand. If during the autumn or winter months, we suggest leaving it and topdressing between September and March for best results.

Mowing couch grass is important as soon as it is anchored to the soil. Do not mow your turf before it has taken root. Also, do not let your turf grow too long before you mow it. The general rule is never cut more than one third of the leaf during a single mow. The first mow should be set at around 30mm, with the height being gradually reduced over the next two to three mows. For couch grasses in summer, a permanent height of around 15-20mm is advised, and in winter the regular height should be raised to around 30mm.

Mowing Sir Walter is important as soon as it is anchored to the soil. This usually takes fourteen to twenty one days, depending on the time of the year. Do not mow your turf before it has taken root. Also, do not let your turf grow too long before you mow it. The general rule is never cut more than one third of the leaf during a single mow. The first mow should be set at around 40mm, with the height being gradually reduced over the next two to three mows. For Sir Walter in summer, a permanent height of around 30-35mm is advised. In winter, the regular height should be raised to around 50mm for Sir Walter.

Other tips: Always ensure mower blades are sharp, and mow regularly for best results.

We recommend you fertilise approximately six weeks after installing your turf. For best results, fertilise four times a year using a slow release. To keep your lawn in top class condition it will need regular applications of fertiliser. Healthy, deep-rooted turf is more tolerant to stress, better retains its colour in winter, and can out compete weeds. When installing your turf it is advantageous to apply a pre plant fertiliser. This can be purchased at our Sales and Administration Centre, or via the Online Store. Once your turf has established and regular mowing has begun, you should start a regular program of fertilising.

Couch Varieties: Approximately six weeks after installation we recommend a controlled slow release fertiliser. This can be purchased at our Sales and Administration Centre, or via the Online Store.

Sir Walter: Approximately six weeks after installation we recommend a controlled slow release Sir Walter Fertiliser, available in a 4kg or 10kg bucket. This can be purchased at our Sales and Administration Centre, or via the Online Store .

Weeds and pests are really frustrating for lawn maintenance. This is a real frustration for people who love the Queensland outdoors lifestyle and use their lawns as platforms for entertainment, including family events, weekend barbecues, or even weddings! The lawn grub is a common pest in many lawns and can cause brown, dead areas of grass. If you need more advice, please call us on (07) 3114 8281. NOTE: Before applying any herbicide to Sir Walter, please call our sales staff for product clarification.

All warm season grasses or turf lose some colour over winter because they are not actively growing. This impact can be lessened to a degree by fertilising in March and April. Winter is still a great time of year to lay new turf. Although it will take slightly longer to establish, the turf grass will require less water. Find out more about caring for your lawn to make sure it stays at healthy as possible during the winter season.

Jimboomba Turf stand by our turf grass products with a turf grass quality guarantee. We guarantee that our turf will arrive at the delivery address in the same good condition that it is in when it leaves our premises. We also guarantee our turf supplies work.

Jimboomba Turf will always arrange an inspection at your convenience if you are not 100% satisfied. We are available to discuss this with you and to clarify any issues you may have with our turf grass product. For the best Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, and Brisbane turf products and the best service in South East Queensland, you can’t go past Jimboomba Turf.

We are able to offer this turf grass guarantee because of our long and extensive experience in the Australian turf industry. All of our staff are professionally trained and are experts in their respective fields. Before, during, and after purchase, our staff are happy to assist you in making the right decision. We also offer a unique guarantee for customers purchasing Sir Walter grass.

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