4 Ways To Repair A Lawn On A Budget

4 Ways To Repair A Lawn On A Budget

Need to repair your lawn, but do not have the time or budget? In this weeks turf tip, we look at 4 ways you can repair your lawn on a budget. #1 – Seeding your lawn Good for larger areas, lawn seed will be able to grow in cold and wet climes, unfortunately for South-East […]

How to work out square metres

How to work out square metres

Have you been looking to spruce up your backyard, but can’t figure out how much turf you need for the space? In this weeks article, we hope to help you work out how to calculate square meters to help you achieve your goal! How to measure a rectangle To calculate how many square metres for […]

Laying Turf in Summer

Laying turf in summer

Laying a new lawn in Summer is very popular. People have lots of free time, there is plenty of sunshine over the summer months and it seems like the perfect time to be outdoors. This makes it a great time to lay quality turf. Just follow these simple steps to get your new lawn looking […]

Buying turf in warm weather

Buying turf in warm weather

Buying turf in warm weather is perfect for a fast establishment of your new lawn. With heatwaves coming sweeping through our corner of the world in the next coming weeks, now it’s a great time to install turf. However, the heat can also cause some problems so here are a few tips to ensure the […]

Why should you immediately lay your turf?

With the unpredictable on and off heat we have seen a few people posting on social media about a problem that is often seen too late, but is easily avoided. This problem is what we call pallet burn, and the easiest way to avoid this problem is to immediately lay your turf. Why should you […]

How to avoid a turftastrophe

As we move from the cooler months to the warmer months it is very important to install your new lawn immediately and avoid a turftastrophe! From mild heat stress to the more serious problem we call pallet burn, leaving your turf on the pallet for too long can create all levels of problems. Why should […]

Turf Tips: Tips for handling turf

With lots of people currently buying and laying turf, now is a great time to share some tips for handling turf. While the worst of the heat is behind us, the weather still nice and warm therefore it is the perfect time to lay turf. Farm fresh turf to your door Our first tip for […]

Putting Down New Turf

New turf isn’t difficult to put down as long as you remember some basics and do your prep work ahead of time. You need to be ready to go because once the turf is cut from the turf farm you need to get it laid as fast as possible. If not your roots are going […]

Installing and Laying Turf

Before installing your turf you want to make sure everything is good to go. Here are some tips on preparing the ground for laying turf. We also provide you with tips on watering and fertilising the newly laid turf as well. Going in the Right Direction Before you even begin you need to make sure […]

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