Three Ways To Reduce Wear On Your Lawn

3 Ways To Reduce Wear On Your Lawn

Is your lawn thinning in particular parts of the lawn? As we move into the cooler months, this is the time when wear becomes a problem. Though seasonal changes can be a prominent issue, we have some other great tips to reduce wear on your lawn. #1 Reduce Pet Traffic In Troublesome Spots If you […]

Turf Tips: Shade tolerant grass options

Our shade tolerant grasses have been growing exponentially at Jimboomba Turf with the addition of 2 new varieties. This turf tip will explain why shade tolerance is so important, and some of the strengths of our premium turf for shade. Why do we need shade tolerant turf in Australia? With house blocks shrinking and houses […]

Turfgrass Made For the Shade

One of the major problems for many homeowners when growing turfgrass is how to grow in the shade. Approximately 20 – 25% of all grassy areas are found in the shade. It might not always be a good idea to try and maintain a beautiful lawn growth in the shade but the following tips may […]

Does Sir Walter Grow in Shade?

Shade in Australia While much of Australia is sunny you may have areas of shade you want to place Sir Walter. It is a good grass for shady areas, especially if you follow a few tips. Some Light is Needed You do need some light so make sure the lawn gets some light even if […]

Shady Areas

Sir Walter for Shady Areas Many things create shady areas on lawns today that didn’t years ago. Yards have fences and decks and homes are designed in ways that can impact how much sun your lawn will receive. No grass is going to grow in total shade but Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo is a […]

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