Soil Testing

Soil Testing

At the start of Spring, it is important to know what your soil needs before you start any renovations. If you do not know what your soil is lacking, you may end up wasting products by putting down the wrong thing. Hanna Quick Soil Test Kit There are lots of simple test kits available from […]

Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments

Is your lawn not performing or looking its best, it may need a soil test to help see what it may need. Testing your soil will also help to ease your mind about what you currently have in your lawn and how you can improve it. A soil test consists of 4 different tests; pH, […]

Turf Tips: Does my lawn pH level matter?

Lawn pH level can have a big impact on the health of your lawn. If the PH level of the soil your lawn lives in falls outside the recommended range its ability to take up nutrients and moisture are limited. This will lead to an unhealthy lawn no matter how much you water or fertilise. […]

Turf Tips: The importance of soil under turf

Turf tips: The importance of under turf soil Spending time on the turf underlay is vital to the health, longevity and visual presentation of your new lawn. People seem to consider top soil when boosting their lawn but thinking about under turf soil is often overlooked. We dish the dirt on why under turf soil […]

Turf Tips: Why use quality turf soil?

There have been a few questions this week about soil so we thought this week’s turf tip should address why you should use quality turf soil. Why bring in fresh soil? Your lawn is a living plant, and your soil is one of its main sources of nutrients. So when it comes time to lay […]

Preventing Problems with Your New Lawn

Once you have finished all the work on your new lawn, you will certainly have a great expectation of what will happen. But, you can’t help but wonder, how will it turn out? The success or failure of your new lawn can be traced to only a couple of things. These include the proper selection […]

Lawn Aeration

Proper Lawn Aeration Any place there is heavy traffic on a lawn you run the risk of soil compaction. Compacted soil is never good for the lawn. These areas might be where the family plays cricket, where the laundry is hung or where the cars park. But, thankfully, it is easy to determine if you […]

Compacted Lawns – The Best Treatment

Compacted Lawns Soil compaction can cause real problems for lawns so you don’t want to let it go untreated. With compacted lawns there is not enough space for air and water to circulate properly. This means less water stored and the roots have more trouble penetrating the ground to reach needed nutrients. Compacted soil also […]

pH Level for Lawns

Proper pH Level Most people don’t even think of the pH value of their lawn when they first lay it down but it should be considered. A pH scale runs from 0 – 14. The lower the number the more acidic the lawn, the higher the more alkaline. Neutral is considered a 7. Ideal pH […]

Soil and Excavating

If you are doing any kind of landscaping you may need to do some excavating as part of the process. Now if the area isn’t very big you can do it by hand using shovels and barrows. But for large projects a machine capable of handling the job is invaluable. Make sure you have an […]

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