Best lawn sprinkler & irrigation system

Today we are sharing the best lawn sprinkler and irrigation system we recommend to get the perfect lawn. Below we discuss what an irrigation system is and suggestions of different types of sprinklers and soaker hoses to water your grass. What is an Irrigation system? To ensure your lawn and garden receives the correct amount […]

How much to water a new lawn

How much to water your lawn

How much to water your lawn is a common question we hear. People often underestimate how much water their lawn needs especially when we get a period of warmer weather. New turf is especially easy to dry out and it’s important as the weather warms up to make sure you get water in fast. #1 […]

Heatwave lawn care

With a heatwave sweeping through South East Queensland here are some timely heatwave lawn care tips for managing your lawn. The best defence is preparation  Australia is often a land of extremes and the weather is no exception, heatwaves are a big part of this through the summer months. While there are a couple of […]

How much to water a new lawn

How much to water a new lawn turf tip

How much to water a new lawn is a question we are often asked. A new lawn is an investment in time, energy and dollars, it is important to know how much water a new lawn needs to protect this investment. Some extra water in the establishment period goes a long way to a healthy […]

Turf Tips: Installing a lawn irrigation system

For this week’s turf tip, we have called an expert to break down the ins and outs of installing a lawn irrigation system. A big thank you to Turf Irrigation Services for lending us their expertise. One of the best ways to ensure your lawn and garden gets the correct amount of water at the right […]

Turf Tips: Pay attention to the weather

This week the phones ran hot with people who did not pay attention to the weather. With the start of autumn, this week there should have been a change in climate. Instead, Brisbane got more of the same dry weather… hot, hot hot! South East Queensland is unique The unique climate of South East Queensland […]


Watering presents us with a balancing issue. Your lawn, like yourself is dependent on water, but also like us, if it gets too much water it will die. Your lawn contains about 70 to 80 percent of its weight in water. The weight of your lawn clippings is about 90 percent water. In general, while […]

Tips for Watering Your Lawn

Watering your lawn is imperative once you lay your turf. You want to make sure you water often until the lawn is firmly established, and the roots have taken hold. Water small areas as they are finished if you are laying turf in a very large area. Even leaving it in the sun for an […]

Preventing Problems with Your New Lawn

Once you have finished all the work on your new lawn, you will certainly have a great expectation of what will happen. But, you can’t help but wonder, how will it turn out? The success or failure of your new lawn can be traced to only a couple of things. These include the proper selection […]

Helpful Watering Information

Many local water authorities are offering rebates on things like rainwater tanks. Here is a list of resources so you can check and see if you can get a rebate in your area. Western Australia Water Authorities NSW Water Authorities ACT Water Authorities South Australia Water Authorities Tasmania Water Authorities Queensland Water Authorities Victoria Water […]

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