How to spray for weeds

How to spray for weeds

When spraying for weeds, customers can often repeat common mistakes. These mistakes can make the treatment for your lawn ineffective or in extreme cases damage your lawn. Today we are sharing some helpful tips to get it right the first time. The equipment required Handy hose on packs can seem convenient, but are limited in […]

Taking Care of Winter Weeds

Taking Care of Winter Weeds

During colder months grass doesn’t grow like it does in the warmer months of Summer. While this means less lawn care it can also give way to Winter weeds. The best thing to do is to keep this from happening in the first place. Taking care of your lawn now means less compaction when the […]

Get A Head Start On Winter Weeds

Get a head start on winter weeds

As the weather cools down the growth rate of your lawn slows down, but at the same time unwanted weed growth starts to speedup. Now is the time to get a head start on winter weeds before they start poking their heads through. Act fast with winter weeds It is very important to take care […]

5 Summer weeds and how to control them

5 Summer weeds and how to control them

Summer weeds can be just as painful for lawn lovers as winter weeds. Here are 5 common Summer weeds that are tormenting lawns across the region right now. You can get some quick tips on how to identify these Summer weeds as well as how to control or eradicate them. #1: Clover   While the […]

Top Weed Fighting Products

Top Weed Fighting Products

Today we are here to talk about 3 terrific products to help fight common lawn weeds. #1 Amgrow Bin-Die Amgrow Bin-Die is a great all-rounder to deal with many common weeds. It controls Capeweed, Cudweed, Creeping Oxalis weed, White Clover, Dandelion and Bindii. Bin-Die is a Selective Herbicide that can be used during Spring and […]

Selective Vs Non Selective Herbicides

Selective Vs. Non-Selective Herbicides

Today we are here to talk about Selective and Non-Selective Herbicides. Getting these wrong can mean accidentally killing your lawn instead of killing the weeds you are trying to get rid of. Selective Vs. Non-Selective Selective Herbicides only harm selected plants, while Non-Selective will harm all plants. There is still a trick however to selecting […]

Fighting winter weeds

Fighting winter weeds is front of mind for many lawn lovers right now as winter weeds rise up. Your lawns winter dormancy gives winter weeds all the opportunity they need to thrive, here are 3 of the most common winter weeds and how to fight them. Wintergrass Winter grass grows in tufts with fine, bright […]

Sir Walter Lawn and Weed Resistance

Taking care of your Sir Walter Lawn. When you keep your Sir Walter healthy from the start you can prevent many problems. Prevention and maintenance is much easier to do than dealing with the problems that arise for not taking care of your lawn. Weeds are one of these things that are better to prevent […]

Dealing with Broad Leaf Weeds

Broad Leaf Weeds If you are worried about broadleaf weeds there are better times than others to deal with it. Winter is the perfect time to get both weeds and insects under control.  Sir Walter DNA Certified becomes dormant in the cooler months while weeds like broadleaf spread and are more noticeable. This makes June […]

Taking Care of the Lawn in Summer

Summertime means more time outdoors. Playing with the kids, cooking on the BBQ and games of cricket all add up to lots of time spent on the lawn. The heat is also at its peak and that can stress your lawn as well. But you can provide care for your lawn in summer that will […]

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