Sir Grange

The finest lawn on the street.

Fine dark green leaf

Very low maintenance

Very shade tolerant

When you have a Sir Grange lawn, you will always have the finest lawn on the street.

Sir Grange luxury zoysia is simply the best lawn a home can have. With a fine leaf, and fine in the shade, Sir Grange brings a luxury finish to any home. A Sir Grange lawn brings tremendous street appeal increasing the value of your home, while also creating more free time by requiring less mowing.

The ultimate lawn upgrade

With a fine dark green leaf, Sir Grange zoysia creates a beautiful luxury lawn. The look and feel of Sir Grange are unmatched in the Australian market, there may be other zoysia grasses but they cannot match the perfect finishing and performance of Sir Grange.

Zoysia grasses are well known for requiring fewer inputs and less mowing, and Sir Grange is no different. Requiring up to 50% less mowing and 75% less fertilising than other common turf varieties. This means more time for you, and less time mowing your lawn.

Sir Grange Lawn

Sir Grange can create the perfect entrance to the front of the home, becoming a real showstopper at the front of properties in full sun positions. But it can also thrive in the more shaded backyard areas of a modern home. Requiring only 2-3 hours of direct sunlight a day, Sir Grange brings the shade performance of Sir Walter buffalo in a fine leaf luxury finish. You can finally have genuine shade tolerance along with a beautiful fine leaf grass.

Sir Grange Closeup

Sir Grange Luxury Lawn

To get a special finish to a home you need a premium grass variety. You need Australia’s only luxury grass variety, Sir Grange zoysia, the ultimate luxury lawn variety.

If you would like more information on what Sir Grange can do for your property, call our turf experts on the number below and they can assist you to see if Sir Grange is the right lawn for your home.

Golf Course Sir Grange

A versatile landscaping grass

Sir Grange is a fine leaf zoysia  that produces a fine dark green leaf approximately 4mm wide and can be mown as short as 8mm for the ultimate golf course styled finish.  

If the super short style is not your preference,  Sir Grange can also be left long. This unique flexibility can create stunning visual effects for luxury landscaping environments.

New to Australia but not a new grass

A zoysiagrass from the matrella family, Sir Grange is sold in the USA under its original trademark, BRF Zeon Zoysia. Under this branding, it has featured on many high profile projects including the Rio Olympic Golf Course, Tiger Woods’ course Bluejack National as well as courses designed by Greg Norman.

Sir Grange has gone through a long and strenuous process to reach our shores and become our leading turf grass product. The Australian rights were secured by Lawn Solutions Australia who then put Sir Grange through a local R&D program before releasing it to market. Originally hand-selected from over 10,000 varieties of turf, the original American testing was followed up by Australian testing.

Sir Grange turf’s performance in our local conditions saw the same superior qualities shine through with slow growth, very high shade tolerance and high drought tolerance all proving out. Lots of other grasses make lots of claims about their performance, but Sir Grange has the data and the science to back up its claims.

A special home deserves a special lawn, upgrade to a Sir Grange luxury lawn today!

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