How much sunlight does my lawn need?

With the days getting shorter moving into cooler months it’s the perfect time to talk about how much direct sunlight your lawn needs.

Why does your lawn need sunlight?

Why does your lawn need sunlight?

Grass is a living plant, and like most plants, it uses the process of photosynthesis to produce the food it needs for daily function. Your lawn absorbs sunlight and converts the sunlight into carbohydrates, which fuels the plant.

The width of the blade of grass or the leaf determines the capability of each grass variety. In the simplest terms, the wider the leaf the greater the ability of that grass variety to live in the shade. As the great surface area allows the plant to more effectively convert the light to energy.

Shade also plays a huge factor; shade from some trees can reduce photosynthesis in the grass by 90%. Trees such as conifers cast denser shade, reducing full sun to roughly 10% at midday. This makes it difficult to establish and maintain turf varieties that need a lot of sun, such as fine leaf couch grass.

Why does your lawn need sunlight?

Why does your lawn need sunlight?

The width of the blade of grass affects the efficiency of the variety of grass to use sunlight. The wider the leaf, the greater the ability of the variety of grass to convert the available sunlight to energy.

This means fine leafed grass varieties such as couch grass require more sunlight than wide leaf grass varieties like Sir Walter. It also means that wide leafed turf grass varieties can thrive where fine leafed varieties struggle.

How many hours of direct sunlight does my lawn need?

How many hours of direct sunlight does my lawn need?

The common couch grass that requires 6-7 hours of direct sunlight a day just isn’t fit for purpose in modern backyards. The news isn’t all bad, as the smaller yard size makes it easier to afford premium turf grass varieties better suited to the modern yard. Giving our customers some great shade tolerant grass options all with their own benefits. Lawn Solutions Australia states that Sir Walter DNA Certified can thrive with as little as 2-3 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Sir Grange zoysia grass is renowned for being a premium turf variety. With a beautiful dark green colour & soft leaf texture the Sir Grange thrives with little as 2-3 hours sun daily. This fine bladed premium zoysia turf variety requires 50% less mowing, less water and fertiliser than most lawns.

How can I ensure my lawn gets the sunlight it needs?

How can I ensure my lawn gets the sunlight it needs?

The first thing you can do is ensure you use the right lawn variety for your conditions. To learn more about selecting the right lawn see our article on “Fit for Purpose” turf.

The focus on price needs to be changed to a focus on climatic conditions especially focusing on the factor of shade. By using the amount of direct sunlight a new lawn will receive the lawn installed will be fit for purpose, delivering lower maintenance costs for the life of the lawn. For existing lawns, it’s important to trim back overhanging trees, regularly move trampolines etc. and consider the shade that any renovations will create.

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