Kids lawn installation guide!

Kids Lawn Installation Guide
Installing a new lawn is so easy the whole family can get involved!

Kids show your parents these easy to follow comics, and you can turn getting a new lawn into a school holiday activity for the whole family.
There is even some turf theme colouring in pages to help fill in some time.

Kids send us your best colouring in from the blank pages and the best entry will win a kids turf pack!
Kids Lawn Installation Guide

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Turf harvesting has come a long way in our 45 years. It has gone from a very manual, rough and tumble process to the amazing automated process we use today.

The key to all of this is our Firefly harvesters. They allow for pallet loading straight from tractor to harvester. The turf is then harvested and automatically stacked on the pallet. The pallets are dropped on the fly and the forklift can then move and load the trucks. 

Then with our on-truck forklifts we can then unload leaving the turf exactly where our customers need it. All without a single human hand touching the pallet or the turf.

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