Make good use of the rain

Take Advantage Of The Weather & Make Good Use Of The Rain

With the wet weather over South East Queensland recently, we have finally got some much-needed rain. This week’s turf tip takes advantage of this weather we have had and shows how you can make good use of it.

Helping the soil underneath

Helping the soil underneath

One great tip for better preparing for extreme weather is preparing your soil to take water, to do this you can use a wetting agent. This product works by allowing the soil to open up allowing water to penetrate evenly throughout the soil profile. This makes watering more efficient, reducing loss through runoff and gives your lawn more access to water stores. Wetting agents can be applied from simple hose on applicators, making it nice and easy. In the simplest of terms getting the water where it’s needed most.

Water isn’t the only nutrient your lawn needs

Water isn’t the only nutrient your lawn needs


While your lawn will love the burst of rain, water is not the only nutrient your lawn needs. Fertilising regularly will keep your lawn at its best health. Fertilising three times a year is best, in early Spring, Summer and coming into Autumn.

By applying fertiliser regularly, you give your lawn the nutrients it needs to maintain good health and colour. Fertiliser also helps prevent stress and disease. Coming into Autumn is a particularly important time to fertilise as it prepares your lawn for the coming Winter. Applying fertiliser in Autumn encourages prolonged growth ensuring thick coverage and superior colour.

How can you make good use of the rain?

How can you make good use of the rain?

It is important to ‘water in’ your fertiliser to ensure it does not burn the leaf. It also helps the nutrients in the fertiliser pass down to the soil for the grass to use them. Normally you would need to get your hose or sprinkler out after you apply fertiliser to water it in well. If you only get a few millimetres of rain you will be well short of the 20-30mm your lawn actually needs. You can make good use of the rain to save some water and get the fertiliser down to be naturally watered in instead of using your hose or sprinkler.
It is important to time the fertilising to ensure the fertiliser does not sit on the grass for too long. So watch the BOM rainfall radar and get the fertiliser applied just before the next heavy shower. This double nutrient blast will give your lawn a great pre-winter boost, and really make good use of the rain.

How to track your water consumption

How to track your water consumption
The simplest way to know how much rain your lawn has got from a storm is to use a rain guage. This will allow you to regularly measure rainfall and make simple calculations if you still need water. It is important to regularly check the measurements and empty your rain guage to get an accurate reading of the recent rainfall.
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