Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf

$15.20 Includes GST / m²

Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf

$15.20 Includes GST / m²

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PLEASE NOTE: Price is Including GST, Quantity is per m²

Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf, Australia’s favourite buffalo grass.

Jimboomba Turf’s genuine DNA Certified Sir Walter turf comes with the AusGAP certification, ensuring it is the genuine product Australian’s love and trust.

It’s so good it’s backed by Lawn Solutions Australia’s 10 year product warranty!

Sir Walter DNA Certified has unique characteristics; making it the perfect lawn for many situations with great results for wear, maintenance and shade.

This is a product that has definitely proven time and time again, that it is a turf for all purposes.

It certainly is the ‘go anywhere, grow anywhere’ turf.

  • Shade happy
  • Sun happy
  • Kids and pets love it
  • Low maintenance
  • Great family lawn

More Information

Sir Walter DNA Certified is the ultimate Australian name in turf grass. DNA Certified Sir Walter Turf grass will grow in the shade just as easily as it will in full sun, and it has a lush, mild green colour and a soft, broad leaf. It is recommended for all lawns, both commercial and domestic in nature

Needing just two to three hours of sunlight per day, Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf can grow in areas where other grasses fail, and it can also be mowed at a variety of heights to suit your circumstances. Its slower vertical growth rate means Sir Walter grass requires less frequent mowing than similar turf varieties.

Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf has firmly planted itself as Australia’s favourite lawn, with over 35 million metres being sold since it was first introduced in 1997. Why has Sir Walter grass become so popular? Without a doubt, Sir Walter grass has proved to be the best performing lawn turf for our harsh Australian conditions, from the cool tablelands, the dry west to the tropical north. No other lawn turf combines such a comprehensive range of attributes into one easy-to-care-for variety.

Sir Walter Turf

  • Australia’s Number 1 Buffalo Lawn
  • Drought tolerant and tough
  • Requires little mowing and fertilising
  • Disease and fungus resistant
  • Great in full sun and shade
  • Australian Born and Bred
  • Weed resistant
  • Self repairing
  • Salt tolerant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Soft to touch
  • Low allergy
  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Sir Walter Turf Brisbane Supplier

Premium Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf can only be grown and supplied by a select group of expert turf producers. At Jimboomba Turf, our AusGAP certification ensures each turf we are fully licensed and committed to delivering the best quality turf with customer service second to none. To ensure you receive only the best turf grass and expert advice, insist on seeing our ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ issued with every delivery of genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf. This ensures you receive the best quality turf in peak condition. No surprises, no imitations, and no problems.

Sir Walter Turf Prices Brisbane

Jimboomba Turf Group supplies Sir Walter DNA Certified in Brisbane and surrounds, however the Sir Walter prices may vary according to quantity and delivery charge incurred.

Jimboomba Turf Group’s main administration office is based in Brisbane, however we do deliver to all areas, including the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf prices are usually higher than others turf types, but this is due to the quality of the product, and of course the outstanding benefits that it gives homeowners.

Sir Walter DNA Certified is Australia’s number one soft leaf buffalo, and cheaper inferior soft leaf buffalo varieties are no match for the benefits and quality of Sir Walter turf. Sir Walter DNA Certified is the only turf type to be regularly audited to ensure the standard and quality is that of a premium turf grass product.

Give Jimboomba Turf Group a call today if you are looking to buy Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo in Brisbane.

Don’t be deterred by the slightly higher price of Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo – it is a premium product and will make life somewhat easier for you. When you purchase DNA Certified Sir Walter you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity to prove you have been delivered what you in fact asked for. You will also receive a 10 year warranty guaranteeing the quality of your new turf.

For more information about Sir Walter DNA Certified Brisbane

Download the Sir Walter DNA Certified Product Brochure Here

Download the Sir Walter DNA Certified Technical Data Sheet Here

Turf Characteristics

Sir Walter DNA Certified

Delivery & Pick Up

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With industry leading logistics, getting your turf couldn’t be easier. The Jimboomba Turf Group’s fleet of company owned vehicles allow for a prompt delivery service right to where you need the turf.

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Click and collect is available 72hrs after purchase.

How much is turf delivery?
Standard delivery is $99 including GST. with a minimum order of 50m2.

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