pH Level for Lawns

Proper pH Level Most people don’t even think of the pH value of their lawn when they first lay it down but it should be considered. A pH scale runs from 0 – 14. The lower the number the more acidic the lawn, the higher the more alkaline. Neutral is considered a 7. Ideal pH […]

Soil and Excavating

If you are doing any kind of landscaping you may need to do some excavating as part of the process. Now if the area isn’t very big you can do it by hand using shovels and barrows. But for large projects a machine capable of handling the job is invaluable. Make sure you have an […]

How to Mow Your Sir Walter Lawn

Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn creates a beautiful lawn when taken care of properly. And that care requires knowing how to mow. There is no one rule fits all lawns when it comes to mowing but there are some things you need to do when it comes to taking care of your Sir Walter […]

Lawn Problems Everyone Deals With

Lawn Problems If you have Sir Walter grass you already know that you have very few lawn problems when it comes to insects and pests. It is very disease resistant as well. But we do get questions on other problems of people trying to grow Sir Walter. Many of them can be traced back to […]

Choosing the Right Lawn

Choosing the Right Lawn There are many reasons to want to put in a new lawn. You could have a lawn now that is nothing but rocks and is ugly. You may want to landscape around your business. You could be building a new home and you are going to have nothing but bare ground […]

How to Control Invasive Grasses

Invasive Grasses Invasive grasses can be bothersome. No matter how good Sir Walter’s is at keeping out unwanted grasses and weeds there are times those annoying problems will crop up. The first thing you need to do is make sure it is a weed which is the problem as how they are dealt with is […]

Shady Areas

Sir Walter for Shady Areas Many things create shady areas on lawns today that didn’t years ago. Yards have fences and decks and homes are designed in ways that can impact how much sun your lawn will receive. No grass is going to grow in total shade but Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo is a […]

Dealing with Army Worms or Lawn Grubs

You work hard to keep your lawn in good condition so that it looks great and is healthy. And a healthy lawn is a good thing except when it comes to army worms and sod web worms. It’s their favourite type of lawn and they attack yards all over Australia. These worms can cause serious […]

Mowing Your Lawn

Tips on Mowing Your Lawn After your turf is laid and growing well watch for it to get tall enough to need mowing. You can mow as soon as the grass needs it. Depending on the weather conditions this can be anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks after the turf has been laid. Follow […]

Is it Safe to Use Grey Water on Your Lawn?

Many people have wondered if it is safe to use grey water on their lawn, especially since the drought seems to be worsening. With the drought comes increased water restrictions so there is even a greater need to understand whether or not it is wise to use grey water on the lawn. Here is an […]

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