Can you grow Sir Walter DNA Certified from seed?

Can you grow Sir Walter DNA Certified from seed?

We occasionally get asked if you can grow Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo from seed. This week we take a look at the answer and find out which varieties can and can not be grown from seed. Can you grow Sir Walter DNA Certified from seed? We often get asked if it is possible to […]

The right grass for your lawn

The right grass for your lawn

With so many options in the market place finding the right grass for your lawn can be difficult. Here is a quick guide to break down some of the simple benefits of our premium grass varieties. Sir Grange Zoysia As you may have seen in our advertising Sir Grange Zoysia is your chance to bring […]

Turf Tips: Shade tolerant grass options

Our shade tolerant grasses have been growing exponentially at Jimboomba Turf with the addition of 2 new varieties. This turf tip will explain why shade tolerance is so important, and some of the strengths of our premium turf for shade. Why do we need shade tolerant turf in Australia? With house blocks shrinking and houses […]

Sir Walter Buffalo vs Sir Grange

Top Performers: Sir Grange vs Sir Walter DNA Certified Sir Grange Zoysia vs Sir Walter buffalo is a question that has faced homeowners for a long time. Whether you are considering a Sir Grange lawn or the ever-popular Sir Walter DNA Certified, both warm season grass varieties have their strengths and weaknesses. So we are […]

Nullarbor Couch vs Sir Walter Buffalo

Couch vs buffalo is a question that has faced homeowners for a long time. Both varieties have their strengths and weaknesses, so we are going to break it down for those struggling to decide which to buy. Nullarbor Couch benefits Cheap, easy and reliable; couch grass has been popular with homeowners across Brisbane for a […]

Turf Tips: Fresh turf at Bunnings

You don’t have to head out to the country for farm fresh turf. Getting farm fresh Jimboomba Turf is as simple as popping into your local Bunnings store. Farm fresh turf right in your neighbourhood From 1 slab to a whole pallet, farm fresh Jimboomba Turf can be found right in your local Bunnings store. […]

Turf Tips: Genuine DNA Certified Sir Walter

Success breeds imitation, and it’s no different for Sir Walter. As members of Lawn Solutions Australia we don’t just sell Sir Walter, we sell genuine DNA Certified Sir Walter. This ensures our customer get the genuine, high quality turf product which Australians know and trust. Original Breeder Guaranteed Beware of imitators! Genuine Sir Walter DNA […]

Turf Tips: Sir Walter affected by white spots

Have you noticed a problem on your lawn with your Sir Walter affected by white spots? The cause could be a tree in your garden which should be easy to spot right now since it’s in full bloom across Brisbane. Golden Penda The tree in question is a Golden Penda (Xanthostemon Chrysanthus), which is very […]

Turf Tips: Guaranteed quality turf

When it’s time to buy a new lawn it can be hard to find genuine quality turf. Many people can say their turf is good, but not everyone can say their turf is AusGAP Certified. What is AusGAP Certification? AusGAP is the Australian Turf Accreditation Program. The AusGAP accreditation system provides assurance that step including […]

Turf Tips: Australian conditions need an Australian Lawn

A land of drought and flood, Australia can be a tough climate. For tough Australian conditions, you really need a tough Australian lawn. The wrong turf variety can lead to higher maintenance costs or even require the whole lawn to be replaced. Not every turf variety can handle our sometimes brutal conditions. Before you gather […]

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