The right grass for your lawn

The right grass for your lawn

With so many options in the market place finding the right grass for your lawn can be difficult. Here is a quick guide to break down some of the simple benefits of our premium grass varieties. Sir Grange Zoysia   As you may have seen in our advertising Sir Grange Zoysia is your chance to […]

TifTuf Vs Kikuyu

TifTuf Vs Kikuyu

In this weeks turf tip we look at the difference between two turf varieties, TifTuf Bermuda and Kikuyu. Weather South East Queensland is known for its long, strong and overly hot seasons. So when it comes to the perfect variety for SEQ’s climate, TifTuf Bermuda is perfect. TifTuf Bermuda absolutely loves Summer and even extends […]

3 ways premium turfgrass varieties bring value to a space

3 ways premium turfgrass varieties bring value to a space

Ever wondered whether there was any value to pick a premium turfgrass variety over a substandard one? Well, in this weeks article we hope to explain why they bring value not just in a monetary value but to the usability of a space. Curb appeal Have you always wanted that curb appeal, but don’t have […]

3 things you may not know about TifTuf Bermuda

3 things you may not know about TifTuf Bermuda

TifTuf Bermuda is an absolute gem of a grass variety. The perfect grass for South East Queensland conditions, it has been forged by the best turfgrass scientists. This week we hope to teach you 3 new things about this terrific turfgrass. #1 Tiff Tuff, Tif tuff or TifTuf? : the history of the name Tiff […]

Product Spotlight TifTuf Bermuda

TifTuf Bermuda – Product Spotlight

This weeks article is a product spotlight on the terrific TifTuf Bermuda. What is TifTuf Bermuda? TifTuf Bermuda is the perfect turf variety for a wide variety of applications. Perfect for Australian backyards and sportsfields, it has a fine leaf blade, has high wear tolerance, low water usage and terrific Winter colour. Water-wise TifTuf Bermuda […]

Sir Grange Zoysia Vs. TifTuf Bermuda

Sir Grange Zoysia Vs. TifTuf Bermuda

This weeks blog post we thought we would discuss the differences between two of our favourite turf varieties, Sir Grange Zoysia and TifTuf Bermuda. Before we compare these varieties, let’s go through them. Sir Grange Zoysia Sir Grange Zoysia is an absolute gem when it comes to turf varieties. Crisp, clean and green it is […]

Turf Tips: Shade tolerant grass options

Shade tolerant grass options have been growing exponentially at Jimboomba Turf with the addition of 2 new varieties. This week’s turf tip looks at why shade tolerance is so important, and some of the strengths of our shade tolerant options. Why are shade tolerant grass options so important? With house blocks shrinking and houses getting […]

TifTuf Winter Colour

As we started to see a change in climate winter colour turf is on a lot of people’s minds at the moment, and on the farm TifTuf winter colour is absolutely outstanding as we start slowing heading into the colder period. Right through previous winters TifTuf proved again and again being the king of winter colour […]

TifTuf Maintenance Guide

Looking for some helpful TifTuf maintenance advice? Look no further! With a fine leaf blade and dense growth, TifTuf is ideal for a wide variety of applications, and perfect for Australian backyards. From this, here our new advice regarding TifTuf and maintenance to get the best results from this fantastic new lawn. Before installation   The biggest takeaway […]

Turf Tips: Where do new grass varieties come from

With a couple of new grass varieties coming to Jimboomba Turf recently some customers wanted to know where new grass varieties come from. So this week’s turf tip looks at the relationships and research that go into having the best grass varieties for Australian lawns. Lawn Solutions Australia & University of Georgia  Jimboomba Turf group […]

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