Turf Tips: Winter lawn tip – Winter is early

With the mercury set to plummet this weekend, it is the perfect time to talk about a winter lawn tip or two. Getting your lawn ready for the cooler months early ensures your lawn is in the best shape when spring comes. Longer leaf for a happier winter lawn Our first winter lawn tip involves […]

Turf Tips: Patch up for winter

With the growing season winding down, now is your last chance to patch up any holes in your lawn for winter. Use this opportunity to get your lawn all even before the winter dormancy period. You don’t always need to dig! Some patches, especially dry patches from our recent unseasonal hot weather don’t need to […]

Turf Tips: Winter is here – winter lawn care

It’s time for some winter lawn care. With the mercury really starting to dip in South East Queensland we can finally say winter is here! This week’s turf tips repeat a few winter lawn tips we’ve already shared to keep your lawn in the best shape right through winter. Winter lawn care: Get those mower […]

Turf Tips: What to expect in winter

What to expect in winter: More weeds When it comes to what to expect in winter the first word that jumps out is weeds. Weeds thrive in winter so it’s important to stay on top of them. Remember when applying weedkiller to always do this in the morning as the products work best with a […]

Keeping Your Winter Colour

Winter can be rough on a lawn and can cause your Sir Walter turf to fade in colour. But there are some things you can do to avoid that purple look that buffalo grass can get in the winter. The first thing that will keep your lawn looking good all winter lawn is choosing the […]

Create and Maintain Your Lawn During Autumn

Autumn Care Autumn is one of the most important times of the year to create and maintain your lawn to ensure it is lush and beautiful. It is around this time that it starts raining more frequently, and depending upon where you live, it can potentially be more than expected. This has a positive effect […]

Winterizing Your Lawn

Your Lawn Even if your lawn looks great after the summer months you still need to take care of it so it is protected over the winter. If the summer has been rainy it could have leached the nutrients right out of the soil. This means you have to put some back in so the […]

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