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TifTuf is now available from your local Bunnings

TifTuf has arrived!

Australia’s hard wearing, water wise turf grass is now available at special orders, and is also available as in store stock in selected Bunnings stores.

Recently in a world-first, TifTuf Bermuda has received the Smart Approved WaterMark label.

The International body declaring TifTuf to be “The best drought tolerant grass we have ever seen in Australia”.

Drop in to your local Bunnings and ask the team for more details!

Introducing TifTuf bermuda

TifTuf has proven itself before even landing on Australian shores. Hand selected from almost 30,000 varieties, it underwent 25 years in extensive testing before release.

Which means we can now confidently offer you a hard wearing, water wise lawn that is moderately shade tolerant all in a year-round deep green fine leaf grass.

Using 38% less water that similar grasses, and continually excelling in wear tolerance tests TifTuf is tough enough for Aussie conditions. And with winter colour like no other fine leaf grass on the market you will be the envy of your street all year round.

Find out more about TifTuf today by visiting your local Bunnings store!
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With fresh deliveries every week in-store is the easiest way to grab a couple of slabs of turf as required.
Store Pickup

Store Pickup

Need a few more slabs, or want to guarantee your turf will be there? Order ahead for in-store pickup.
Direct Delivery

Direct Delivery

Don’t want to fight the crowds? Get your turf delivered fresh to your door with direct delivery from Special Orders.

Direct to your home: Special Orders

You don’t just have to pickup your turf in-store at your nearest Bunnings store, you can also arrange for a direct delivery to your home.

Just see the team at the Special Orders counter for the extended range available for order both to store as well as direct to your home.
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