Don't wait till it's too late, drought proof your lawn

Changing climatic conditions are putting more and more pressure on home lawns. 

However help is on the way thanks to TifTuf’s amazing characteristics, it really is best in drought.


Superier drought tolerance


Proved to use 38%
less water


Amazing wear tolerance
and recovery


Fantastic winter colour
and spring green up

What is the most drought tolerant grass?

With current drought conditions and looming water restrictions, water has become a growing concern for our customers. More and more homeowners are searching drought tolerant lawn Australia looking for a drought tolerant grass for their lawn. The prolonged drought has put water use front and centre when it comes to factors considered when choosing a grass variety. Ahead of high traffic tolerance and recovery, ability to handle full sun and shade tolerance.

Sir Walter DNA Certified had long been the best available lawn type for drought tolerance. Australian born and bred Sir Walter buffalo grass was far superior to the thirsty couch grass used on most lawns. More recently some zoysia grass varieties have shown to use less water, Sir Grange zoysia from our farm is one. However, none of these come close to TifTuf bermuda when it comes to drought. Which is why we say TifTuf is best in drought.

TifTuf Domination Line
Environmentally Conscious

The environmentally conscious choice

We have become more and more conscious of how precious our planet is. Access to and sensible use of water plays a big role in this. TifTuf was proven to use 38% less water than similar varieties in scientific trials. This has then been supported locally by local trials at both Polytechnic in Melbourne and STRI in Brisbane. This makes it the most drought tolerant lawn in Australia.

TifTuf’s ability to survive and thrive with less water makes it the perfect environmentally conscious choice when selecting a grass variety for your home.

With its high wear tolerance and beautiful deep green colour while requiring less inputs, TifTuf gives you far more for less. Less precious water, less chemical input and less fertilisers. More luscious lawn ready for your family to enjoy, more usable space around your home, more ground cover where other lawns will fail under drought stress.

The bottom line is that no other grass variety currently in the Australian domestic market uses less water than TifTuf bermuda.

The TifTuf origin story

Homeowners were already under pressure with the cost to water lawns. They are now seeking out the most drought tolerant grass to reduce their water usage. While installing a lawn watering system, and researching the best time to water grass or how long to water lawn helped, consumers wanted more. Following a lawn watering guide with an inferior grass was no longer an option. They simply wanted the best grass for drought and heat.

This is what prompted the research that paved the way for TifTuf. TifTuf bermuda is a product of the world-renowned University of Georgia turfgrass program in Tifton Georgia. Hence the name TifTuf. It was originally bred by Dr Wayne Hanna who eventually passed the program over to Dr Brian Schwartz who still heads up the program today.

TifTuf was originally bred in 1992 as one of nearly 30,000 bermuda grass types. In 1999 the best of these were planted out in trials, which continued till its commercial release decades later. This means over 25 years of research conducted by the worlds leading scientists went into TifTuf before its release in Australia.

In these trials, it has continually excelled in trials for wear tolerance and especially in drought stress trials and deficit irrigation trials. This has made TifTuf the University research benchmark by which all drought tolerance will be measured in the future.

TifTuf Origin
STRI trials

Local TifTuf trials

Is bermuda grass drought tolerant is a common question, and the answer is normally no. This is evident in the brown footpaths that litter our suburbs with our lack of rainfall. Common couch grass which is related to bermuda grass needs a lot of water to look its best or even provide adequate ground cover in some situations. Wear becomes the enemy of a couch lawn as the dry weather continues.

Couch grass can survive a drought as long as it has enough sun and no wear. But as soon as you add foot traffic to the situation it will begin to fail. This is where recent local testing at the Redlands STRI facility has proven TifTuf’s real strengths. In these trials, TifTuf bermuda has proven against all locally available bermuda and couch varieties to be superior under multiple stress factors.

TifTuf’s ability to survive and even thrive with less water allows it to better handle wear and traffic. This means you will still have a lawn at the end of the drought where other lawns will have failed and will need to be replaced.

The trials commissioned by Lawn Solutions Australia have proven several varieties just are not as drought resistant as TifTuf. It is on the back of these trials that we believe TifTuf will prove to be the drought grass consumers are searching for. No other turf varieties can delivery the lawn quality with as little water as TifTuf.

We are already seeing sporting fields and high wear public spaces such as dog parks are already making the switch. Join them and make the smart, environmentally conscious choice today. Make your new lawn drought proof by choosing the lawn variety that has proven time and time again to use less water.

A fit for purpose lawn

We always talk about getting a fit for purpose lawn. Making sure you have the perfect lawn for your environment and lifestyle. If water use and drought conditions are important factors for your lawn, TifTuf is by far the most drought tolerant grass available. It is the best drought tolerant lawn Australia has to offer.

So don’t wait till its too late, install a drought tolerant lawn today, install TifTuf bermuda. Best in drought.

TifTuf receives Smart Approved WaterMark

In a world-first, TifTuf Bermuda has received the Smart Approved WaterMark label.

The International body declaring TifTuf to be “The best drought tolerant grass we have ever seen in Australia”.

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