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Turf Calculator

You have compared the key characteristics of each turf variety. You have even selected the turf that’s perfect for your new lawn. Now, the next important step is to know the total square metres that you will need to order.

As experienced local growers and South East Queensland turf suppliers for more than 45 years, we’ve learned some tips along the way to help you work out how much turf you will need.

This lawn area calculator will:

  • Help you work out how many square metres of turf is needed. 
  • Gives you insight on how to measure up more complex irregular areas
  • Work toward saving you money so you avoid slight miscalculations and have all the turf needed for your lawn.
Measuring Shapes Square

Rectangle turf calculator

To calculate the turf you will need for a rectangle lawn, multiply the length x width.

Example: length 10m; width 23m

Answer: 10m x 23m = 230m²

Measuring Shapes Circle

Circle turf calculator

To calculate how much turf is required for a circle lawn, multiply diameter x 0.80 then by diameter again.

Example: diameter 14.5m

Answer: 14.5m x 0.80 = 11.6 11.6 x 14.5m = 168.2m²

Measuring Shapes Oval

Oval turf calculator

To calculate the turf needed for an oval lawn, multiply the length x 0.80 then by width.

Example: length 26m; width 14m

Answer: 26m x 0.80 x 14m = 291.2m²

Measuring Shapes Complex Shapes

Complex shape turf calculator

To calculate the turf required for a complex area, first divide the total area into simple shapes and calculate these areas. Then you add them together.

Example: Rectangle: length 10m; width 5m. Triangle base 5m; height 2m

Answer: 10m x 23m = 230m² PLUS 10m x  x 8m = 80 ÷ 2 = 40m² TOTAL: 437m²

Measuring Shapes Triangle

Triangle turf calculator

To calculate the turf needed for a triangle lawn, multiply the length x width and divide by two.

Example: length 10m; width 23m

Answer: 10m x 23m = 230 ÷ 2 = 115m²

Turf slab sizes

When you’re calculating turf for simple areas of regular shape for the front yard, side and backyard, it is helpful to also work out the size of the slabs. This is so you don’t end up with turf left over, have to order extra or find you made slight miscalculations because of a turf shape that requires another slab square to complete it.

Full lawn installation support

As a local grower and turf supplier, we also provide turf installation. 

Talk to us about an obligation free quote to have your lawn measured and installed.

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