Smart Approved WaterMark

Waterwise TifTuf receives Smart Approved WaterMark

In a world-first waterwise TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda has received the Smart Approved WaterMark label. With the International body declaring TifTuf to be “The best drought tolerant grass we have ever seen in Australia”.

What is the Smart Approved WaterMark

The Smart Approved WaterMark strives to answer the consumers’ question of how to save water. It helps consumers identify the most water-efficient products on the market, through a water conscious certification program.

The Smart Approved WaterMark was established by the Water Services Association of Australia. It provides a clear label for consumers to make an informed decision when choosing products that use water wisely.

SAWM’s mission is to protect the precious resource that is our drinking water supply, by working to reduce water consumption.


Waterwise Turf

Receiving the Smart Approved WaterMark is a long and strenuous process with a strict set of criteria to be met. A technical expert panel examines all aspects of the application and scrutinizes all associated evidence of water efficiency. This panel is made up of seven members and an independent chair.

TifTuf Research

Waterwise TifTif Hybrid Bermuda

TifTuf is the first turfgrass in Australia and the world to receive official recognition of this level of water efficiency. TifTuf’s ability to conserve water has been well proven. Scientific studies both in America and Australia have proven TifTuf uses 38% less water than similar varieties.

Many consumers are already looking for ways to reduce their home water usage. Some are looking to reduce their reliance on the water supply through the addition of rainwater tanks. Others are switching to waterwise products around the home.

Consumers can take their water conservation a step further. With the official recognition of the Smart Approved WaterMark they can ensure their lawn is also waterwise.

TifTuf was first presented for Smart WaterMark consideration in 2016. This was followed by several years of extensive scientific studies and research. This research proved TifTuf’s decreased water usage and drought tolerance allowing for the Smart WaterMark to finally be approved.

Smart WaterMark Criteria

Applications for the Smart WaterMark are reviewed against the following key criteria:

  • Water saving
  • Fit for purpose
  • Meets regulations and standards
  • Environmentally sustainable
Reinstating the Water Efficiency Network

Make your lawn fit for purpose

The weather in Australia and especially South East Queensland can be quite cruel for lawns. Long hot summers with minimal rainfall leave homeowners with a difficult choice. They could use excessive water to keep their lawn alive. Alternatively, they could let their lawn die off and hope they can bring it back.

The Smart Approved WaterMark labelled TifTuf changes all of that. TifTuf allows homeowners to have a beautiful lawn all year round, with far reduced water bills. So make a change for the future today, and upgrade your lawn to Australia’s waterwise lawn, TifTuf. Now with the Smart Approved WaterMark label.

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