Worx Landroid Robot Lawn Mower

Worx Landroid Robot Lawn Mower

The future has arrived at Jimboomba Turf with the arrival of the Worx Landroid Robotic lawnmower. The best selling robot mower in Europe is finally available ready to be installed with your new lawn right here in Brisbane. Free up your weekends and have a lawn your neighbours are envious of every day of the week, with no effort from you.

The quiet and efficient Worx Landroid is the perfect addition to your smart home. It will take care of your lawn, leaving you more time for the things that matter most to you.

Needing no supervision the mower works to your programmed schedule, which is easily updated from the easy to use Landroid mobile app. Making easy work of all work areas and even steep slopes its adjustable cutting height gives your mowed lawn the perfect finish. There is a Landroid for every lawn size, from small courtyards to large lawns.

Landroid has the edge on other automatic lawn mower solutions such as the Husqvarna Automower thanks to its cut to edge technology. This leaves fewer borders for you to trim. With its cognitive auto-schedule system the Landroid also knows what is best for your lawn, autonomously learning about your lawn and local climate, adjusting its schedule accordingly. Its patented AIA (Artificial Intelligence Algorithm) technology gives the Landroid the problem-solving skills to work more efficiently and better navigate narrow pathways.

The Worx Landroid is simple to install and comes with everything you need right out of the box. You simply find the perfect location for your charging station and then install the boundary wire and round the perimeter of your lawn. For more information on how to install you can check out this detailed video.

The mower works by following the perimeter wire (or guide wire) and working within that area. With a long battery life the automatic mower will cut the grass, and if the battery gets low will return to its base to charge before returning to mow.

No catcher is required for this self cutting lawn mower, as it cuts so frequently the small amount of clippings just become food for your lawn. This increase in mowing also has a wonderful effect on your lawn, encouraging a tighter and thicker lawn.

The Worx Landroid can also be upgraded with features including an Anti-Collision, GPS tracking and Off Limits. system to keep the mower out of trouble. There is even a garage available to protect it from the elements if needed. It also has a pin code to secure the device and lock out Landroid’s operation.

Worx Australia have partnered with Jimboomba Turf to help make mowing your lawn a thing of the past. Simply install your Worx Landroid when you install your Jimboomba Turf lawn and you can sell your old mower and get your weekends back!

Want to know how much do robotic lawn mowers cost? Simply select your lawn size below and find out.

  • Worx Landroid M500 Robotic Lawnmower - WR139E

    Worx Landroid M500 Robotic Lawnmower – WR139E

    $1,599.00 Includes GST Add to cart
  • Worx Landroid M1000 Robotic Lawnmower - WR140E

    Worx Landroid M1000 Robotic Lawnmower – WR140E

    $1,899.00 Includes GST Add to cart
  • Worx Landroid L1500 Robotic Lawnmower - WR150E

    Worx Landroid L1500 Robotic Lawnmower – WR150E

    $2,199.00 Includes GST Add to cart
  • TifTuf Smart Approved WaterMark

    TifTuf Bermuda

    $14.50 Includes GST / m² Add to cart
  • Sir Walter

    Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf

    $13.75 Includes GST / m²
  • Nullarbor Couch

    Nullarbor Couch

    $6.60 Includes GST / m² Add to cart
  • Sir Grange-25%

    Sir Grange Zoysia

    $23.90 $17.95 Includes GST / m² Add to cart
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