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Look out for lawn grubs

Lawn Grubs: How To Look Out For & Treat Lawn Grubs

Lawn grubs love the warm weather, and the recent heat has seen them out in force. Most active in South East Queensland from October till May but found year-round, it’s important to stay especially vigilant any time the weather warms up.

Signs of a lawn grubs

Signs to look out for
Signs to look out for
Patchy lawns with brown or bare patches are the tell-tale signs of a lawn grub infestation. Other signs to keep an eye out for include white moths flying around as the sun goes down, white egg sacs on your house (eaves, fences, foliage, and furniture) as well as an increase in lawn grub predators such as birds or orange/black wasps. Preferring a healthy lawn, lawn grubs are far more likely to attack a well-maintained lawn. This goes double for all forms of couch grass as they are more prone to infestation. While Sir Walter DNA Certified is more resilient to these pests and usually recovers quicker; it is still susceptible to attack.

Treating a lawn grub invasion

Products to kill lawn grubs
Products to kill lawn grubs
A chemical-free way to rid yourself of lawn grubs is to put a wet hessian bag over the affected area of your lawn. The grubs will attach themselves to the hessian overnight and you can then dispose of the grubs first thing in the morning. The more thorough method for you can use a chemical like Grub Killa. With the active ingredient Bifenthrin, this product is toxic to most insects but less toxic to birds and of minimal toxicity to mammals. This makes it safer than many other pest control products. Treating tips when spraying for lawn grubs:
  1. Always spray in the late afternoon/evenings (Kill bugs at night, and weeds in the morning)
  2. Spray a second time 7-10 days later to break the lifecycle
  3. Don’t spray if rain is likely as you will only need to reapply
  4. Always read the label and follow label rates for application
  5. After treatment give any brown patches a hit with fertiliser to bring them back to life

Prevention from future attacks

Acelepryn GR
  While products like Grub Killa will kill grubs that are currently in your lawn, there is no residual effect so there is no ongoing protection.
You can prevent lawn grubs attacking by using a product called Acelepryn GR. Acelepryn GR gives unmatched season-long grub control against a wide range of insect pests including African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab, Billbugs and several species of caterpillars including Cutworm, Sod Webworm and Lawn Armyworms.
  It is also unique in that it can be used as a preventative measure, up to 6 months of protection from every application. This means you can get year-round protection from just 2 applications. This is a great solution for people with regular lawn grub invasions. We have a great video explaining exactly how to use Acelepryn GR which is available from our lawn care store:

To get some more advice lawn grubs or to purchase a new lawn call our team on (07) 3114 8281. You can also to pop in and order in person at our sales office on 1/243 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge. The office opens Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm and Saturday 7am to 12pm. For more great turf, tips keep an eye on our website and all our social media channels.


  1. David Rapaport

    What quantity and how much is ACELEPRYN please

    1. Shane Bridges

      $135 for a 10kg bag which will cover up to 1000m².

      It is currently out of stock, but in a week or so when we get more stock in it will be available in our online lawn care store.

  2. What about harm or poison to dogs and puppies


    1. Shane Bridges

      Hi Joan, Acelepryn is completely safe for pets. It targets a function inside insects that mammals, birds and fish don’t have.

  3. Hi instructions for caterpillars say delay watering/mowing for 24 hours. Does that mean you water in after 24 hours, or do you not need to water in at all?

    1. Shane Bridges

      Hi Richie, you still need to water it in to apply the product.

      That instruction on the label refers to further irritation after you have watered it in.

  4. Greg Munt

    When you say water in, could you advise how much water should be applied or is the mix of the poison with the water spray sufficient?

    1. Shane Bridges

      The granular form requires 6mm of irrigation, the liquid form requires less so around 3mm would be fine. The water is required to help move the product to the roo structure for it to be taken up by the plant.

  5. Cathy Carr

    I have these millions wasp like insects flying over the lawn they have a needle at the back and have been told they are linked with the lawn grub witch I know I have .

    1. Shane Bridges

      The definitely sounds like the wasp that is a common sign of lawn grub. Many people see the wasp before the grub so it is usually used as an early warning sign.

      1. Does it matter what season to spray for lawn grub? Or is anytime of the year fine.

        1. Shane Bridges

          We recommend applying Acelepryn around August and then again in January.

  6. Hi Shane – I am putting my house on the market and my lawn has been attacked by grubs. I am treating it today but wondered what I should do to get it to its best in time to commence open houses (20 days away).

    1. Shane Bridges

      Hi Mandy, to get grass to grow you need 3 important ingredients; Fertiliser, water and mowing. Most people know to fertilise and increase watering to drive growth, but increasing the frequency is what most people overlook and is increasing the mowing frequency.

      Coming out of winter it is also a good idea to apply a wetting agent, this will help the lawn make better use of the water you apply.

  7. Hi I applied aceleprym 2 months back and my lawn had still been eaten and have lost most of it. I have been told by local landscaping supplier that means it is not lawn grub but something else. Three are tiny pale grey moths around not the lawn grub grey/ brown type. The grass went thin dry and then white. Now no more grass. Is three a broad spectrum spray i can usr as i don’t knew whar the problem is.

    1. Shane Bridges

      What was your watering routine? Thin, then dry then white sounds like a water issue rather than pest.

  8. How long should I wait before I mow again after treating for lawn grubs?

    1. Shane Bridges

      We recommend waiting 48 hours after treating for lawn grubs before mowing.

  9. leonie finlayson

    Hi, I live on the sunshine coast, Qld and I am not sur if I have Lawn Grub but the grass is mostly couch and weeds in a very dry climate. I haven’t seen any sign white moths and it is an are of 2m x 1m of really dead grass. I have fertilised, watered well and applied TLC to no avail, will it do any harm if I spray for lawn grub, If it isn’t that my next step will be to apply new soil and seed the area. I really do not know what is the best move. I have only lived here for three years and havent’ had this problem before.

    1. Hi Leonie,
      If there is no sign of lawn grub then this could be signs of hydrophobic soil, meaning the ground under the turf is too hard and the water isn’t penetrating through to the root system, please see some advice below:
      Step 1: Water the turf. This will assist with making it easier for the next step.
      Step 2: Aerate the lawn. This will provide oxygen the turf needs.
      Step 3: Apply a wetting agent, we recommend a product called Lawn Rescue: https://www.jimboombaturf.com.au/product/lawn-rescue-wetting-agent/
      Step 4: Apply a slow releasing fertiliser onto the turf. Lawn Solutions Premium Lawn Fertiliser 4kg: https://www.jimboombaturf.com.au/product/lawn-solutions-premium-lawn-fertiliser-4kg/
      Step 5: Spread Washed sand over the top of your turf. When spreading the sand, please make sure it is no more than 10mm in thickness and the leaf/stem of the grass is coming though the sand. Then water again.
      Please feel free to call our friendly team on 07 3273 1166 should you need to clarify any of the information above.

  10. I have a new buffalo lawn laid about 2 weeks ago. It has taken root but just wondering when is best to use Acelepryn – could I do this now? The. Follow up with a fertiliser in about 3-4 weeks time?

    1. Hi Sam,

      Thanks for reaching out. You can apply your Acelepryn now and follow up with the fertiliser in 3-4 weeks time.

      1. Awesome. Thanks!

  11. Lana Keen

    I had my lawn treated every second month for a year and it was looking fantastic until the last 2months… my lawn is completely destroyed by lawn grubs! Millions of wasps have been hovering over my lawn for a week now and I’ve been told that they lay eggs in the grubs which then kills the grub. According to online advice my lawn will recover! Is this true? I’m desperate for good honest advice?

    1. Hi Lana,

      It depends on how badly the lawn has been destroyed as to if the lawn will recover, as a rough rule of thumb normally the lawn does recover. This may take some time as the plant has been stripped of its nutrients.

      You must make sure the Lawn Grubs have been totally eradicated, otherwise any fresh new green shoots will be stripped which will hinder the recovery process. We would strongly recommend using Acelepryn at the higher rate for long term protection.

      We would suggest applying a slow release fertiliser, Lawn kelper as well this will aid in the recovery process. Please make sure to schedule a watering program to assist the plants recovery. For further information or assistance please contact our friendly sales team on 07 3273 1166 or send some images of your lawn to info@jimboombaturf.com.au with a contact phone number.

  12. If you have an infestation of grubs, is it critical to kill them with a treatment like Grub Killa FIRST before using Acelepryn? Or can Acelepryn be used to kill them – but just takes longer than Grub Killa to work?

    1. Hi Rowan,
      We would strongly recommend applying Grub Killa first if they have an infestation of lawn grub.
      To break the life-cycle:
      • Spray liquid Grub Killa – Day 1
      • Apply Acelepryn – Day 3
      • Second lawn grub treatment (Grub Killa) – Day 5-7

      Do not spray Grub Killa if it is likely to rain as you will need to reapply.
      Always read the label and follow rates before application.

  13. Hi guys i have applied Acelepryn few time within one month but i still see small light brown moths and small white bugs all over the lawn. I have sir grange turf front of the house and at the back yard. at the front my lawn survived but backyard lawn dead so I have Sir Walter installed last week.

    I can see some yellow tan patches and some dead areas at the back yard lawn. can you advice what should i do to save my lawn.

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Sharif,

      ACELEPRYN GR sets a new standard in long lasting, efficient control of turf pests. The granule formulation offers you the same benefits as the liquid used by Turf Farms:

      How To Use
      • ACELEPRYN GR is easy to use and can be spread in any professional turf fertiliser spreader
      • During application check equipment periodically to ensure distribution remains even and effective
      For optimal control, irrigate with approximately 6 mm of water immediately after application
      • Where treating for caterpillars, irrigation and mowing should be delayed for 24 hours
      • Recommended application rates is 1.5 kg/100m2

      Application Timing
      African Black Beetle / Argentinian Scarab:
      ACELEPRYN GR may be applied from spring onwards for preventative control of these pests.

      Argentine Stem Weevil / Billbug:
      ACELEPRYN GR should be applied when overwintered adults are first observed to prevent damage in late spring.

      ACELEPRYN GR will provide excellent curative control in turfgrass and should be applied when pests/damage is observed

  14. Ann Marie Prendergast

    Hi I have a beautiful new lawn, growing incredibly well. I have read all the information on lawn grubs and I’m watching carefully for them. Every day I clean moth egg sacs from the surrounding areas, are these lawn grub?

    1. Hi Ann Marie,

      Yes , it can be the start of Lawn grub. Lawn grubs love the warm weather, and the recent heat has seen them out in force. Most active in South East Queensland from October until May but found year-round, it’s important to stay especially vigilant any time the weather warms up.

      How to identify a lawn grub problem
      1. First test is to lay a wet towel, hessian bag or piece of carpet on the lawn overnight. In the morning, lift it up and see if anything has come to the surface or is underneath it. The grubs will attach themselves to the hessian overnight and you can then dispose of the grubs first thing in the morning
      2. Second test is to mix together a bucket of soapy water and pour it over the edge of an affected area. Keep any eye on it and after about 10 minutes or so, usually if there are grubs there, they will come to the surface. This is best done at dawn or dusk when they are most likely to be active.

  15. Jen Beattie

    Our lawn has been destroyed by Army Worms and unfortunately, it has been approximately 6 weeks since damage started! Practically have no lawn at all now. I have applied the hose on Richgro Grub Killa twice (a week apart) second treatment yesterday. Raked up all the dead grass and the soil is looking compacted in areas. Can I aerate the lawn now or wait? How long after Grub Killa treatment, can I apply a wetting agent followed by slow release Fertiliser? Hopeful the lawn will regrow!!
    Many thanks, Jen

    1. Hi Jen,
      We would recommend the following steps to recover your lawn, we would strongly recommend you start this process now:
      1. Apply a wetting agent either Lawn Rescue or Lawn Soaker: jimboombaturf.com.au/products/lawn-rescue-wetting-agent-2l/ OR https://www.jimboombaturf.com.au/products/lawn-solutions-lawn-soaker-2l/
      2. Aerate your lawn.
      3. Apply Acelepryn GR, a preventative insecticide that should be applied every 6 months: https://www.jimboombaturf.com.au/products/acelepryn-gr/
      4. Apply a slow release fertiliser: https://www.jimboombaturf.com.au/products/lawn-solutions-premium-fertiliser-10kg/
      Always read the label prior to application. We trust this will get you back on track.

      For more information on Acelepryn GR check out this link https://www.jimboombaturf.com.au/applying-acelepryn/










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